opening of a simplified counter for businesses

This window for paying energy bills was opened on Saturday 19 November on the website.

Considered too complicated, hence the scarce distribution so far of the aid foreseen by the government (12 million euros out of the 3 foreseen): a new help desk for the payment of energy billsaimed at businesses, open on Saturdays on the website.

At the end of October, the executive had already announced aid to businesses.

“All businesses will be protected”

Saturday morning on the mic of France Interthe economy minister said: “All companies, medium-sized enterprises, energy-intensive companies will be protected…” compliance with European competition rules.

The ministry also recalled that businesses have until 31 December 2022 to benefit from assistance in paying electricity bills of up to 4 million euros.

Simplified desk: what conditions?

It is stated that “the price of energy during the aid application period (September and/or October 2022) must be increased by 50% compared to the average price paid in 2021”. Another condition – energy expenditure during the period must “represent more than 3% of 2021 revenue”.

At the end of the current month, further aid will have to be disbursed, up to 50 million euros for energy-intensive companies, or even 150 million for those working abroad.

An “electric damper” device.

Also, on January 1 next, a system of“electric shock absorber” will enter into force, not requiring the establishment of a file. It is the State that will bear part of the energy sums owed in 2023 by small and very small businesses. Local authorities, hospitals, associations and universities that do not have access to the price shield will also be affected by this system.

In a press release, the Ministry of the Economy recalls that taxation on electricity has been reduced to the European legal minimum. The funding for this aid will come in part from a contribution on windfall profits from energy companies, which are expected to represent, according to Emmanuelle Wargon, chair of the Energy Regulation Commission, “about ten billion euros of revenue for the state”.

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