Oops, Valve promoted the Steam Deck by sporting a Nintendo Switch emulator

Valve recently released a video that features various information on the Steam Deck. The problem? It also showed the icon of an emulator capable of running Nintendo Switch games.

Nintendo must not have liked Valve’s latest video very much based on the most recent Steam Deck information (immediate availability, dock launch and new update). Because it turns out he was briefly showing an icon of Yuzu. This is an emulator for playing Nintendo Switch games on PC (so on Steam Deck). The sequence was identified by October 7by the insider Nibellion.

Valve apparently quickly realized their mistake and re-released another video on the same day. The Yuzu application has disappeared and has been replaced by the video game Portal 2 (the first video is logically passed in private to prevent it from being viewed). However, the damage was already done: Nibellion’s tweet was re-shared by nearly 3,000 people.

When Valve indirectly promotes a Nintendo Switch emulator

Valve probably didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s still surprising to see such a dump in a promotional video, logically checked and dissected from the first to the last second before release. This “mistake” makes Valve’s business: it reminds us that its Steam Deck is versatile enough to accommodate emulators – the legality of which remains highly questionable and really depends on your use of it (you have the right to play an emulated game , if you legally own it and have made a copy). And it must be recognized that Steam Deck, a very open platform, is a real gem in terms of emulation.

We wouldn’t blame Valve if the video in question didn’t highlight the official dock, which brings the Steam Deck a little closer to a Nintendo Switch. The message below could simply be: Look, our Steam Deck now looks like a Nintendo Switch. You can even play Nintendo games on it “The coincidence is noteworthy.

Proof that everyone doesn’t like the topic of Steam Deck emulation? As this topic posted on Reddit several months ago reminds us, Nintendo looked for Yuzu’s guides, among other videos showing the Steam Deck running Switch games. Yuzu, like other emulators, could indirectly infringe on its intellectual property. Valve therefore cannot promote it, not even discreetly, even though everyone knows that its Steam Deck is compatible.

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