OM Sale Excluded – Frank McCourt has a new offer on the table

A Middle Eastern conglomerate has reportedly proposed a plan to buy Olympique de Marseille. The dossier would be under study by the Boston side.

The sea snake #SalesOM is about to resurface and spill a lot of ink. In ” pause For almost two years, the the acquisition of the club is still standingto the chagrin of many Marseille fans.

Many personalities, legitimate “And well presented (Thriving GautreauRoland Courbis, Roman MolinaJacques Bayle, Jean-Charles de Bonoetc.) have all announced in recent months that Negotiations took place between investors Saudi “for some and” emirates ” for others.

For its part, it seems so Frank McCourt is still not convinced from these offers and prefers to wait for a more tempting proposal to sell the club.

A conglomerate of Emirati and Israeli businessmen

The latter proposal could come from Middle East -always- but with a hitch that may surprise more than one. In fact, from the signature of Abraham Agreements, August 2020sealing the peace between several Arab countries (United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, then Morocco and Sudan pending Saudi Arabia) with Israeltrade developed at a high speed between these countries.

To such an extent that synergies have developed in multiple business sectors – among others, defense, high technologies, investments, energy, agriculture and tourismall under the aegis of the United States.

Since the signing of the Abraham Agreements in August 2020, which seal peace between several Arab countries with Israel, trade has developed at high speed between these countries.
Since the signing of the Abraham Agreements in August 2020, which seal peace between several Arab countries with Israel, trade has developed at high speed between these countries.
Soft power sponsored by the United States

According to a source familiar with Washington diplomatic circles, ” the Abraham Accords will enter a new phase. We want to extend the peace agreements to other Arab countries and it is important to build on the first results which are beneficial to the signatory countries. “

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In other words, for promote the Abraham Agreementsthese countries will have to invest in soft power stocks on an international scale. ” Public diplomacy is more important than ever and soft power is the best weapon“Says Joseph Nye of Harvard University. ” And what better way to offer the best storytelling possible to as many people as possible than football?“.

Multinationals with important commercial interests

According to one Middle Eastern diplomatic source wanting to remain anonymous, several projects are being studied, particularly in the world of football“, Before adding, always in OFF, that” Israeli and Emirati private investors have already made a concrete offer last month to purchase a well-known club in the south of France“. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the only club targeted by investors.

Investors concerned it would come from multinationals operating in the energy, shipping and finance sectors. Between The Emirates and their oil and the Israelis who discovered gas in their territorial waters, these different entities would have the ambition to do so commercially benefit from the acquisition of an internationally renowned clubespecially in an international context of energy crisis.

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From this point of view, the the means invested by this conglomerate could be colossal.

McCourt studies the proposal

If this proposal appears to have been submitted via an investment bank, this is not the case it is not a guarantee of success for investors.
Frank McCourt and his teams are currently studying the submitted documents, but as in the past, he doesn’t really seem to be in a hurry to sell.

So far, and despite the recurring financial problems of Olympique de Marseille over the past two years, he has reportedly turned down several offers up to over 450 million euros according to several sources.

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But the influence of the United States in this proposal could possibly the push to be more flexible? For the rest, for the moment, the negotiations have not yet started.

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