Nobel Prize in Physics Alain Aspect says he is “shocked” by the Didier Raoult case

published Wednesday 05 October 2022 at 11:15

Awarded for his work on the quantum world, Alain Aspect deplored the questioning of science, briefly begging for more means in the face of “insufficient” efforts.

The French Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, said he was “frightened” by these “great scientists” who “suddenly” fall into the conspiracy and question science, evoking in particular “the professor of Marseille”, that is Didier Raoul.

asked to France Inter on the rise of conspiracy theses and the questioning of science, Alain Aspect replied: “I am dismayed, dismayed, and above all I am dismayed when people who are great scientists, not to mention, the Marseille professor, who have been great scientists, suddenly pour … I don’t understand psychologically what’s going on. “

“Science is not the enemy of current problems,” such as “global warming,” added the physicist, who was crowned on Tuesday with the most prestigious of scientific awards with an American and an Austrian.

“Science is the solution. Enter science with the aim of solving these problems that interest you,” he said addressing the young people.

Alain Aspect also mentioned the budgets allocated for scientific research in France, a constant global lack of “means”. “I don’t think we lack talents in France, I think we lack the means. Which means a lack of resources in the workshops but also a lack of work for young people”, he estimated.

He also clarified his statements the day before to the Nobel Foundation, made shortly after the announcement of the award, in which he called on the international scientific community to remain united in the face of the rise of “nationalism” in the world. “I made this answer in English to the reporter who called me from the Nobel committee, with a line that was not clear,” explained the France Inter. “Thinking about it, what I had in mind” was to talk about “democracies that are shrinking”.

“I am part of a generation that has been lucky enough to see the rise of democracy in Russia and China,” he said. “It was a joy when we went there to see how our colleagues ‘breathed’. Today it is limited and I hope that despite everything we will be able to maintain good contact with our colleagues.” The French Alain Aspect, the American John Clauser and the Austrian Anton Zeilinger have won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 for their discoveries on “quantum entanglement”, a phenomenon in which two particles are perfectly correlated, regardless of the distance between them.

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