Nintendo sacrifices games deemed too bold that can “damage the brand”

Game news Nintendo sacrifices games deemed too bold that can “damage the brand”

The rules seem to be getting tougher on Nintendo’s part. The latter rejected games containing nudity (including uncensored breasts) which probably weren’t the case before, as evidenced by the Gamuzumi study.


  • Nintendo rejects overly sexualized games
  • An example already seen with Sony and this psychological thriller

Nintendo rejects overly sexualized games

Nintendo appears to have tightened its game hosting policy on its digital store, the Nintendo Shop. In any case, this is what we can believe following the messages posted on Twitter by the Gamuzumi studio. The latter is a publisher “focuses on the release of large mature titles (LEWD) for consoles and PC“. In his portfolio, we note for example the presence of Sakura MMO 2 Where is it Hot tentacle pitcher. It is the latter that was rejected on the digital platform of Big Nthe reason it was brought to Gamuzumi:

We have received a response from Nintendo and now we have confirmation that they now do not allow uncensored boobs on their consoles. Basically, obscene content could damage the brand and violate its policies. This means that all topless games must be censored from now on and that is why our game (Hot Tentacles Shoot) was first rejected.

The story, however, does not say what the course of action would be for games that allow players to activate censorship mode. as it should be for Bayonetta 3.

An example already seen with Sony and this psychological thriller

A constraint that inevitably generates disappointment for Gamuzumi but which sees the glass half full: there is still the Valve Steam platform to publish its games without censorship, while it is already good that the titles can be released, even censored. However, the study believes that “pity that today all consoles have restrictions regarding nudity and that this will affect not only his games but also those of other developers and publishers“.

A case that was observed at the beginning of the year, in February, with the game Martha is Dead. A psychological thriller that includes many scenes that for some can be very traumatic: mutilation of the face, mistreatment of their children … Extremely gory content that LBK and Wired Production have never hidden from, regularly warning that their experience would not go to end up pleasing everyone. However, the title is censored by Sony and forces the developers to postpone the release to fix what was wrong with this initiative.

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