New drama for God of War Ragnarök: an uncredited composer in the game credits!

Game news New drama for God of War Ragnarök: an uncredited composer in the game credits!

God of War Ragnarök in the eye of the storm? While Santa Monica’s game never fails to garner praise from most players, a composer just revealed that her name was not included in the credits and she feels, rightly, pained. But when you find out the reason for this absence, you’ll probably be even more surprised!

The story just came out and it’s amazing. A composer has decided to come forward to reveal that his name has been omitted from the credits. Pianist and composer by profession, Jessica Mao worked on the God of War Ragnarök soundtrack and expressed herself in a series of Twitter posts to tell the facts.

I’m so happy to see so many people enjoying God of War Ragnarök. I worked on editing, arranging and implementing the Freya chase scene and the boss fight music for Thor. You can hear some of the music from each scene in this video. I take this opportunity to wink at the fight against Thor because it was a fun exercise in musical arrangement. The original mix was too orchestrated and had to be toned down for it to develop into subsequent sequences. … Unfortunately, my name isn’t in the credits and apparently can’t be added via an update. I was told that to be credited, my contribution to the game must meet certain “minimum criteria”. I don’t know yet what those criteria might be. It was incredibly disappointing and disheartening for me to learn this and I wouldn’t want anyone else to deal with it. Game developers, thank EVERYONE who participates in making a game, it’s just logic! Good day.

It is obviously surprising that a person who worked on the game is not credited. But when we look at why, it’s even more ubiquitous.

Uncredited in the credits of God of War Ragnarök

If Jessica Mao’s name doesn’t appear in the credits of God of War Ragnarök, while she contributed music to the game, it’s simply because she was… an apprentice in music production. Although she was a talented pianist and composer, her status prevented her from having her name credited! In the continuity of the tweet, her indignant reactions multiplied, believing that she was in her right to ask for her name to be displayed in the credits.

This shows, once again, the aberrations found in certain processes. One thing is certain, and the tweet from the interested party is there to prove it, working on a project (especially of this magnitude) and then seeing her name ousted from every mention can cause enormous disappointment. So much so that his stay at Santa Monica was summed up in a few months (from June to August 2021).

May your case set a precedent in the future. This is also the purpose of his speech.

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