Mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon in China: sheep have been circling non-stop for 15 days

A herd of about 100 cattle started walking in circles on Nov. 4 in China’s Inner Mongolia region and hasn’t stopped since.

A disturbing behavior affects a flock of a hundred sheep in the Inner Mongolia region of China since November 4.

One by one, the bovids started walking in circles and didn’t stop. This strange phenomenon would affect only the sheep of a single enclosure of the farm which houses about 34 herds.

This evil first struck a few sheep before spreading by the dozens who thus joined the circle walk, as reported by The Economic Times.

A video about this bizarre behavior

This information, which took a long time to disclose, was finally published by a Chinese state media, the People’s Daily.

A sheep videos walking was released this wednesday november 16th and shows the extent of the mystery which remains unexplained for the moment.

A disease as probable trail

However, what may be the most likely explanation aside from the wildest theories on the matter is a disease affecting ruminants.

Indeed, in case of ingestion of the Bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, sheep can grow listeriosis which causes nervous symptoms. Affected animals develop a encephalitis who is almost always fatal.

According to Alliance-Élevage, “the animal is initially prostrate, may present hyperthermia at 41-42°, anorexia and blindness. Nervous disturbances related to cerebral localization manifest with a walk in a circle, balance disorders, strabismus… Damage to the cranial nerves often causes unilateral facial paralysis with drooping ears, eyelids and jaw; the animal sometimes keeps food out of its mouth.”

But normally the sheep dies 1 to 4 days after the first symptoms appear.

The mystery remains

But sheep in China would walk for days and therefore not die.

Furthermore, the Chinese state newspaper People’s Daily assures that the sheep are in good health.

The phenomenon remains unexplained at the moment.

The great mystery of the sheep! Hundreds of sheep walk in circles for over 10 days in northern China’s Inner Mongolia. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the strange behavior is still a mystery.

— People’s Daily, China (@PDChina) November 16, 2022

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