More dead after shooting at gay club, suspected shooter arrested

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Five people were killed and 18 others injured in a shooting Saturday night at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, police said. The alleged shooter was arrested by customers of the garage, whom police have described as a “hero”.

He “entered the garage and immediately started shooting”: a 22-year-old man killed at least five people and injured 18 in the night between Saturday and Sunday November 20 in an LGBT nightclub in Colorado Springs in the United States.

The establishment, which bears the name “Club Q”, thanked on Facebook Sunday “the heroic customers who subdued the shooter and put an end to this heinous attack”.

“At least two firearms were found at the scene. We are still working to identify the firearms and their owner, but I can confirm the suspect used a rifle,” said the Colorado Springs City Deputy Police Chief, Adrian Vasquez.

Authorities have identified the suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, without specifying whether he acted alone. The man was arrested and taken to the hospital.

“At least two people in the box confronted him and argued with him. They managed to stop the suspect,” said Adrian Vasquez.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

“I was on the dance floor when I heard gunshots. I thought it was the music (…) then I realized what was going on,” said Joshua Thurman, a witness quoted by local channel KRDO 13.

“I rushed to the changing rooms and another customer followed me. We locked the door, got on our stomachs and turned off the light,” he added with tears in his eyes.

The United States Federal Police (FBI) has also been asked to assist local law enforcement officers in the investigation.

The wounded were transported to various hospitals in Colorado, a state in the center of the country.

The nightclub also said it was “destroyed by this senseless attack on our community”.

“We must not tolerate hatred”, President Joe Biden reacted from Washington, while the governor of Colorado Jared Polis, the first openly gay governor elected in the United States, said he was “horrified and devastated”.

The nightclub had announced an LGBT event on Saturday, a party “with all kinds of gender identities and numbers” to mark Transgender Remembrance Day, celebrated internationally on Nov. 20.

This day of mobilization has its origins in the 1998 assassination in the United States of the transgender woman Rita Hester.

Authorities have not provided any indication of a possible motive for the attack attributed to Anderson Lee Aldrich. A 21-year-old man with the same name threatened his mother with a pipe bomb and multiple guns last year in a town a 30-minute drive from Colorado Springs, the El. Paso County Sheriff’s Office said. which includes the city.


This new drama takes place in a context of resurgence of acts hostile to transgender people, according to statistics from the associations and the FBI.

On June 12, 2016, an American of Afghan origin, Omar Mateen, killed 49 people and wounded about fifty in a gay club in Orlando (Florida, Southeast), the Pulse.

The killing also illustrates the surge in gun-related mortality in a country where they circulate in large numbers.

Since the beginning of the year, 601 mass shootings have been recorded in the United States, including Saturday’s tragedy in Colorado Springs, according to the organization Gun Violence Archive. A mass shooting means, according to her, that four or more people were killed or injured by bullets, not counting the shooter.

The country has more individual guns than inhabitants and has a gun death rate that is not comparable to other developed countries.

About 49,000 people died from firearms in the United States in 2021, up from 45,000 in 2020, which was already a record year. This represents more than 130 deaths per day, more than half of which are suicides.

Recent American history is in fact studded with murders, without any place in daily life seeming safe, from the company to the church, from the supermarket to the disco, from the public highway to the common public transport.

Any attempt at truly binding legislation, however, comes up against the very powerful pressure of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has powerful parliamentary levers, as well as with the fierce opposition of many conservative MPs, supporters of a very broad interpretation of constitutional law to own a firearm.

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