Montenegro in front of the score, the blues can’t do it


37′ Plus three for Montenegro after a great shot by Jaukovic, while the referee’s arm was raised. And behind, Batinovic pulls off a great save. Montenegro and the room are on fire.

6:43 pm

35′ Nice save by Floriane André… Which is not rewarded. The Bleues lose another ball in attack. The French are not there at all.

6:43 pm

35′ Batinovic save! The Montenegrins are taking over the Azzurri, the crowd is on fire. It will be very, very difficult.


32′ Floriane André fashion show. The ball was returned to the Montenegrins but they only had one assist left. Les Bleues recover possession, go against … But Chloé Valentini makes a complete mistake and his pass is intercepted. Alivodic gets straight to the point. 14-13


31′ Gorgeous shot of Laura Flippes from below! The Bleues draw. 13-13

6:38 pm

30′ Océane Sercien-Ugolin was hit in mid-air by a Montenegrin defender and was left on the ground, visibly injured in the back. He gets up slowly.


⏱️ We start again for 30 minutes. Floriane André replaces Cléopâtre Darleux in the cages. Come on Blues!


In the sides’ first meeting in the main round, the Bleues led 12-9 at halftime. Will they be able to reverse the trend?


30′ ⏱️​ Exceptional goal by Grbic on the break! Montenegro leads 13-12 and deserved. The Montenegrins are much more aggressive and have more successful shooting than the Azzurri. The French are in trouble and lose too many balls to hope to hang the bronze. We’ll have to shake things up in the second half! 13-12



29′ Batinovic is stopped at 50% in the cages. You play a very important game. The Blues are in the tough.


28′ Estelle Nze Minko’s Huge Skylight! It’s very good for the Habs coming back up front. 11-12

6:18 pm

27′ Alicia Toublanc misses the lob, Batinovic is formidable in the cages. She tries to score a goal from her cage but hits the post. Luck can turn!

6:14 pm

25′ Nice save by Cléo Darleux, but the comeback is still Montenegrin! Fortunately, Lucie Granier intercepts the ball. Big fault of the Montenegrins on his ball lift and two more minutes. The Bleues equalize thanks to Pauletta Foppa! 11-11


24′ Goal from empty cage for Estelle Nze Minko on counterattack! Come on, come back NOW! 11-10


23′ Chloé Valentini hits the Montenegrin goal again. They have one ball in three and are clearly on tonight.


22′ The public is clearly hostile to French women. Big foul by Godec on Laura Flippes, who had scored the goal anyway! Godec takes two minutes. Another numerical superiority to manage for the Azzurri. 10-9



21′ Plus two for Montenegro after a 7m throw. 10-8

6:08 pm

20′ Another turnover by the Blues… Ouch, ouch, ouch!


19′ It’s made by Deborah Lassource! 8-8


18′ Parade for Darleux! The ball returns to the hands of the Montenegrins but is off target. COME ON ! The Bleues can draw.


17′ And two minutes for Oriane Ondono, in trouble at the start of the match. Too bad, because Orlane Kanor had just closed the gap. 8-7


16′ Brnovic goes out again in the 2nd minute. The Bleues must imperatively make the hole!!


16′ Cléopâtre Darleux stops a shot but the ball is recovered by a Montenegrin… And passes. The Bleues are behind now. We have to go back immediately! 8-6


14′ Les Bleues and Montenegrins respond goal after goal. Oriane Ondono trips over the opposing goalkeeper as he tries to hit her. This wakes up the Montenegrin audience, completely crazy tonight! And the Les Bleues opponent is back in front of the score! 7-6


11′ First goal for Lucie Granier on her wing! The Bleues keep a mini-length forward. What tension! 4-5


9′ Jaukovic shortens the distance. The Bleues attack constantly under the boos of the public. The Montenegrins come out of this numerical inferiority without conceding a goal. 3-4


8′ Radicevic converts the first 7-metre shot of the match. Brnovic gets two minutes on the next action, you have to take advantage of it on the tricolor side!

Chloé Valentini sends a magnificent lob! Plus two for the Blues. He is very tight! 2-4


6′ Estelle Nze Minko delivers the third goal for the Bleues on a nice quick counterattack. 1-3


5′ And three for Darleux! The second half is good but the Toublanc – Valentini pairing doesn’t end in the goal. Pity.


4′ And two for Cleo! Laura Flippes took the opportunity to score her first goal from a lob. The Bleues go on. 1-2


3′ The first parade for Cléopâtre Darleux! The ball remains in the hands of the Montenegrins.

5:49 pm

2′ The Bleues recover a counterattack, but the pass for Pauletta Foppa is uncertain. A minute later, it was Cléopâtre Darleux who didn’t raise. There is tension in this opening with a Montenegrin audience on fire.

5:47 pm

1′ First goal scored by Grbic. Chloé Valentini misses the first pitch on the French side, but reassures herself on the next one. 1-1

5:46 pm

⏱️ Let’s go for this little final in Skopje!

5:41 pm

🎵 It’s time for anthems!


Jovanka Radicevic, 36, will retire tonight after a 186th selection. Not bad.

5:30 in the afternoon.

😭​ The tears of Les Bleues on Friday

They will give everything for the bronze medal!

Photo: Jure Makovec / AFP.



The Bleues have already won five European medals: gold in 2018, silver in 2020 and bronze three times, in 2002, 2006 and 2016.


Pauletta Foppa and Cléopâtre Darleux named in the typical European squad

Two Les Bleues players were named to the Euro All-Star squad: goalkeeper Cléopâtre Darleux (33 years old, 57 saves in six games and 38.5% cage efficiency) and Brest pivot Pauletta Foppa (21 years , 22 goals with a 71% success rate).


Montenegro wants revenge
The Bleues have already beaten Montenegro in this European Championship with eight more goals: 27-19 in the main round. In Skopje, Montenegrins will have the advantage of the public.



On Friday, during the semi-final of Les Bleues, Olivier Krumbholz celebrated his 500th match in charge of the French national handball team. His record speaks for itself: two-time world champion, European champion and Olympic champion. What a man.


Estelle Nze Minko’s strong words after the semifinal:

It’s not because we beat Montenegro that we will beat them again this weekend. It’s so hard not to fall into this trap. When you dream more, it’s so hard to fight for third place. It’s another pressure, the bronze or the jester’s seat. It would suck after such a competition.

4:42 pm

Les Bleues stopped mid-flight

Despite a perfect start to the competition, so much so that one thought they would go all the way, the Bleues failed in the semi-finals. They fell to a big Norwegian team (28-20). Beaten by eight goals, Olivier Krumbholz’s players will have to regroup to get a bronze medal.


🤾‍♀️​ Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream to follow the small final of the Les Bleues at the handball European Championships against Montenegro. Kick-off at 5.45pm

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