Minecraft: 33 secrets and anecdotes about the best-selling game in the world!

Game news Minecraft: 33 secrets and anecdotes about the best-selling game in the world!

With over 200 million copies sold across all mediums, Minecraft is the best-selling single game of all time. That’s why the JV editorial team invites you to discover 33 facts about the famous “sandbox” adventure game, in this new video from JV Facts!

A cross-platform game

Developed at the base by the Swedish Markus Persson, alias Notch and then by Mojangstudy acquired by Microsoft in 2017 Minecraft created a lot of stories. The title is a completely free construction adventure video game in which the universe is made up of voxels (3D pixels) incorporating an operating system and the transformation of natural resources. The player takes on the appearance of a sexless cubic character, who by default is named Steve. The game has been a real phenomenon for more than 10 years, reaching all generations and all types of players.

Minecraft can boast of being one of the few games available on any type of platform. Originally developed to be a web browser game, then Windows, Mac and then Linux, it is getting a mobile port with Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android, iOS and Windows phone. An Xbox 360 version, developed by 4J Studios in 2012 it made its appearance, as well as on PlayStation 3 around 2013. The adventure continues on the new generation of consoles with PlayStation 4 in 2014, the next day an Xbox One version is available, the one on Wii U in December 2015 in Nintendo eShop and so on. The famous license does not stop there, it becomes available in 139 languages ​​and declined in different forms, including merchandising, and even Lego, which make it the seventh best-selling franchise of all time.

A non-perishable game

Even today, the game is highly coveted. There are 480 million players, including more than 141 million monthly active players. In the Minecraft adventure, the excitement does not fly away, both thanks to the speedruns, the fantastic construction projects, and the number of content creators who have made themselves known thanks to the title. We can particularly mention Dream, with her facial revelation which has been talked about a lot right now. Always fed with content and updates, the game has no respite. It has incredible longevity, particularly due to its technical appearance and its non-aging appearance..

  • Find all the facts in our Minecraft JV Facts video above!

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