Mango: the brand offers magnificent flared trousers as the end-of-year celebrations approach

Fashion has evolved a lot. But every now and then, different highlights reappear. This is especially true with flared pants has always caused a sensation among fashionistas. Despite the popularity of skinny pants, this 70s staple still manages to win us over. This piece is part of the big trend of this winter. It is no surprise that Mango, the great reference in ready-to-wear, has released these black flared trousers for its customers. So how to wear it? Don’t panic, we tell you everything.

News from Mango

Every year, Mango outdoes itself in offering a wide range of original clothes. The more daring know that the sign is a safe bet to distinguish your style. For several years the designers of the Spanish brand they are always inspired by the latest season of fashion houses.

For sublimate during the Christmas holidays and at the end of the year, the brand renewed its collections of jewellery, hats, shoes, coats and trousers. To stay glamorous at Christmas or New Year, Mango has dedicated a special collection for you.

There you will find out a pretty short sequined dress for less than 60 euros. As you may have understood, there is no need to overspend on find your happiness in Mango.

But for the more cautious, don’t hesitate to do it check out the collection of Mango pants. The brand has original models for all looks.

Flared pants are the big trend right now. It is available in the shop. But it could be sold out very quickly. This garment is, after all, become very popular since returning to the shows this year. So don’t wait too long to decide.

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Mango goes crazy with this new trendy item

Flared trousers are a garment that all women have must have in your wardrobe. All the fashionistas are talking about it lately.

For good reason, the pants come into their own in colder temperatures every week. It was therefore obvious that flared pants were in the spotlight. This garment sign his big comeback with Mango.

The Spanish brand played the card of elegance choosing a black model. Its straight cut will give you a very refined look. To match all silhouettes, these flared trousers from Mango are made in an elastic fabric without closure. It is available in different sizes: from size XS to XL.

To be chic this winter with these flared trousers, the brand offers a very affordable price. For only 29.99 euros you will get the ideal piece for a professional and personal appointment.

How to wear Mango flared trousers with style?

To have style in flared trousers, you have to remember two simple rules :

  • This garment should always be worn with a pair of high heels.
  • It stands out best when paired with tops with narrow sleeves.

In fact, high heels will allow the bottoms of your pants to do thishave the perfect length. Conversely, flat shoes will give the impression of dragging your pants along the floor. This error appears immediately a neglected and not at all elegant look. You can then accompany it with the pretty Mango ankle boots to lengthen your silhouette.

To complete your outfit, opt for a nice blouse, a bodice, a pullover or a jacket with narrow sleeves. Flared pants are still a staple. To harmonize the outfit, avoid voluminous details and sleeves that are too loose.

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A garment for all body types

Flared pants are suitable for all body types if you choose the right size and the right combination. Women with generous curves he can very well wear these pants. The flared shape from the top of the trousers allows for a well-proportioned silhouette. He is a boss who it will really bring out the roundness of your thighs and your figure as a whole.

It is also suitable for whom have slim legs. This piece will bring a lot of grace to your movements.

Mango flared trousers it will give you a nice slim look. Its solid black color offers a sophisticated look without going overboard.

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