Magali Berdah-Booba case: we explain everything about the war between the influencer agent and the rapper

It’s a soap opera that has been stirring up social networks for several months. And from the virtual world to justice there is only one step. An investigation into “deceptive business practices” against France’s largest influencer agency, Shauna Events, led by Magali Berdah, was opened on Thursday, after Booba filed a complaint. The high priestess of reality TV stars denounces cyberbullying facts on her part.

Last turning point in this case: the airing on Sunday 11 September on France 2 of a series of “Complément d’Enquête” involving Magali Berdah, in particular for dropshipping practices. Magali Berdah held a press conference on Wednesday 14 September to provide his version of the facts. His lawyer listed the complaints against Booba, dozens of Internet users and also pointed out “the lack of cooperation from Twitter”.

Magali Berdah also took the floor to denounce that “today this man who presents himself as an informer is a stalker”. You go back to a case that takes the form of a real judicial soap opera.

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It all started with a watch

The story begins at the end of 2021, when Marc Blata, a former reality candidate turned influencer, launches the rumor on social media according to which Booba would have worn a fake watch from the luxury house Richard Mille during a shooting. It was enough to set the dust on fire.

In response, the French rapper seeks to learn more about the influencer and his cryptocurrency and trading activity in Dubai. Marc Blata and his wife Nadé, also an influencer, have built their business around a cryptocurrency trading platform on which they encourage their followers to invest, for an initial amount of 500 euros. A practice that, even if not illegal, is not to the liking of the rapper, who believes that these novice investors are always losers.

Booba, “informant”?

But the case doesn’t end there because Booba goes further and accuses other influencers of using questionable practices to sell low-end products at very competitive prices to their community. Last July, in an interview with “Liberation”, the rapper who calls himself a “whistleblower” declared: “Their delirium there, dropshipping, is revolting. And I, because I have an impact and are followed on the networks, it is my mission to denounce. “In his crusade, Booba is more particularly interested in one figure: that of Magali Berdah, at the helm of the most influential agency in the industry.

Instagram account closed and harassment report

The businesswoman then finds herself in Booba’s crosshairs, who challenges her directly on social media with numerous tweets. On June 1, you obtained the opening of an investigation, managed by the National Pole for the fight against online hatred (PNLH) of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, in particular for death threats, harassment by electronic communication and public insults . the basis of origin and gender.

Justice orders the cancellation of the rapper’s Instagram account, @OKLM, and his Twitter account, @booba. But Booba very quickly opened a new Instagram account, @elieyaffaofficiel, and appealed to the adjudicator in the private room to call for the court decision to be overturned. The Criminal Court of Marseille is due to rule on this case on 3 October.

Booba does not stop there and opens the legal route

In the interview with “Liberation” in July, the rapper announces that he wants to take legal action. “They wanted to destroy me, especially Magali Berdah, by massively denouncing my accounts to have them closed, but it is I who will destroy them. Judicial, I heard ”, we can on the columns of the newspaper.

To compile his file, the “Duke of Boulogne” launched a hashtag #influvoleurs on June 27 and also an e-mail box to list the testimonies and complaints of those who claim to be victims of influencers’ business practices. He goes so far as to challenge the government. “Now the authorities must react, I am not the minister of fraud,” he said later.

Booba’s lawyer files two complaints

In July, the rapper’s attorney filed two lawsuits against Shauna Events and X for “questionable business practices” and “organized gang scams.” An investigation into “misleading commercial practices” is opened on Thursday 6 September. The investigation is entrusted to the police station in Antibes, the city where Magali Berdah’s company is registered.

Although Elie Yaffa’s (aka Booba) complaint concerns both misleading business practices attributed by him to Shauna Events, and an allegation of organized fraud, the investigation was not opened, in light of the elements of the complaint, only for the first qualification. , specifies the parquet from Grasse.

According to AFP, the complaints filed denounce “a complex and organized scam system, centralized by the company Shauna Events”, a “system fueled by the passivity of social networks and in particular Instagram and Snapchat used by influencers to promote scams”. These complaints list several consumer testimonials the rapper received, claiming they were scammed by influencer-sponsored companies linked to Shauna Events: merchandise not received and not refunded, non-compliant products, etc.

In the press conference held on Wednesday, September 14, Magali Berdah assured that she had “written to the competent authorities so that rules are put in place for all influencer agencies” but refuses that “this fight” is entrusted to “a person who foments hatred on social “, without ever mentioning the rapper. In a press release in mid-July, Magali Berdah accuses Booba of targeting her on social media for several months” with false and humiliating publications “.” Since then, I have suffered mass online harassment ” , with thousands of daily messages, he says.

The “Complément d’Enquête” program revives the war

Last turning point in the story, an issue of “Complément d’Enquête” which aimed to “denounce the true business of influencers”, broadcast on Sunday 11 September. Something to delight the rapper who did not hesitate to greet the work of Tristan Waleckx, journalist and presenter of the show and took the opportunity to challenge Magali Berdah again.

One sequence in particular has stirred social media in recent days, the one during which Magali Berdah explains that she is wearing a connected watch (which she promotes through her agency) due to tendonitis in her arm. A justification that did not convince the rapper who took the opportunity to ridicule the agent’s response, causing chain reactions on Twitter with memes.

Magali Berdah seeks legal assistance

The day after the show, Tuesday 13 September, in an interview with “Nice Matin”, Magali Berdah asked for help for justice. “Can we realize that we are putting a woman to death? I begged Booba to stop his horrible tweets about my body, my daughter, my brother, my father … I have requests for rape, murder, beheading. She replied: the more it distresses you, the more it excites me. “

In the press conference held on Wednesday, September 14, Magali Berdah was accompanied by her lawyer who listed the complaints against Booba, dozens of Internet users and stressed the lack of cooperation from Twitter. “That today this struggle for influencer regulation can be embodied by an individual committing cyber harassment is a problem,” said her attorney Me Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez.

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