LIVE – Abu Dhabi GP: Verstappen wins ahead of Leclerc, final applause for the retired Vettel

58/58: victory for Verstappen, Leclerc 2nd and dolphin in the world championship

The Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull) wins without tremors at the Abu Dhabi GP. The two-time world champion is ahead of his runner-up Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Sergio Perez (Red Bull). With this 2nd place, the Monegasque secures his 2nd place in the world championship. Vettel finished tenth in his last F1 race. The French team Ocon is 7th, Gasly 14th.

57/58: Can Perez believe it?

Will the Mexican snatch 2nd place from Leclerc? There is a difference of 1”8.

56/58: retirement for Hamilton

The 2nd of the season for the British.

55/58: hard blow for Hamilton

Gearbox problem for Hamilton. The Briton who was in 5th is slowing down and could retire.

54/58: Perez threatens Leclerc

In the fight for 2nd place in the race, but also in the general standings, will the two riders offer us a final battle? The Monegasque loses time on the Mexican who is 3”5 behind. “You’ll understand it on the last lap,” the Red Bull coaching staff told Perez.

51/58: update on the French

Esteban Ocon is 8th at 8” from Norris. Gasly is 14th.

49/58: Vettel does not take off

“How could we be so wrong on the strategy”, torments Vettel who has stopped only once and who is no longer in the points (11th).

40/58: Russell takes the penalty

The Briton stops at 5” in the pits. He starts in 8th position.

39/58: Latifi-Schumacher clash

At the end of the standings, the Canadian and the German had a contact but managed to restart. Failing that, Latifi is 19th but stops in the pits. Schumacher is 17th.

38/58: record lap for Perez

The Mexican rider completes it in 1’29”065.

35/58: Verstappen needs to manage the tyres

The world champion’s Red Bull tires wear out more than expected. The Batavian is asked to manage his tires. Leclerc is at 5”2.

34/58: 2nd stop for Perez

The Mexican from Red Bull made his second and probably last pit stop. He starts again on hard rubber in 6th place, behind Hamilton.

28/58: Alonso retires for his der at the Alpine

Fernando Alonso is forced to retire. The 6th of the season for the Spaniard whose adventure at the Alpine is now over. He will drive for Aston Martin in 2023.

26/58: Vettel finally in the pits

After a rant, the future retiree stops for the first time on lap 26. He starts in 19th position.

25/58: Vettel angry

The German, 8th, hasn’t stopped yet and is furious: “We’re being eaten by everyone!”

23/58: update on the French

Esteban Ocon is 9th while Pierre Gasly is 19th.

22/58: Verstappen takes control

Leclerc pitted, so Verstappen is already back in 1st place.




21/58: Leclerc in command, Russell penalized

Leclerc took advantage of the pit stop to take the lead. Russell receives a 5” penalty for his dangerous exit from the pit lane.

19/58: Russell penalized?

The Mercedes Brit could receive a penalty for a dangerous exit from the pit lane.

17/58: Verstappen still leads the race

The Dutchman hasn’t stopped yet but is comfortably leading this Grand Prix. He is ahead of Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton. Many drivers made their first pit stops.

15/58: Ocon in the pits

The Frenchman stops and restarts with hard tyres.

13/58: great battle Ocon-Vettel

The German, who is competing in his last Grand Prix, attacks Ocon, currently 8th in the race. The French resist… For now.

8/58: nothing more for Hamilton

The British champion has engine problems. He is overtaken by teammate Russell and now occupies 6th place in the GP.

8/58: Sainz-Hamitlon, the fight continues

These two don’t let go. The Spaniard once again overtook the relegated Briton in 5th place.

6/58: Update on the French

Esteban Ocon is in 8th place. For his last GP at the wheel of his AlphaTauri, Gasly is 17th.

5/58: Hamilton gives way to Sainz but…

After the first lap crash, Hamilton let Sainz take 4th but gobbled up the Ferrari driver in the process. The Mercedes driver is therefore again 4th behind Leclerc (3rd). Verstappen still leads the race ahead of Perez.

1/58: heat between Sainz and Hamilton

The Spaniard from Ferrari appeared to have crushed the Briton but the stewards ruled that the move was legal.

1/58: let’s go, Verstappen at the controls

The Dutchman, who started in pole position, keeps the first position, ahead of his teammate Perez.

Let’s go for the warm-up lap

The start of the race is imminent.

Good morning everyone

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the live coverage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last round of the F1 world championship. Already sure of his second title, Max Verstappen will start from pole position. The race will also be special for the German four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel who will say goodbye to Formula 1. Departure at 14:00.

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