Liam Di Benedetto, her husband Christophe sentenced to 12 years in prison: new revelations about his sentence

In early November, Liam Di Benedetto announced the worst news: her husband Christophe Dicranian was arrested for drug trafficking. The sentence was dropped shortly after and he was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment, a 50,000 euro fine and a five-year ban from practicing. His imprisonment was immediate. She is therefore shocked by the fact that she now finds herself the former reality candidate, which she has to compose alone with her two daughters, Joy (4 years old) and Sharly (born in July 2021).

On his social networks he regularly gives his news, often with emotion and on the verge of tears. But on Friday 18 November Liam Di Benedetto made some more cheerful revelations than usual. On Snapchat, in fact, he took the floor to clarify some things with respect to her husband’s prison sentence. “They asked for 16 years, the judge gave 12 years (…) Out of 12 years, you understand that my husband will not be 12 years old, he will be 4 years old“, has explained. A forced separation therefore very small but with which it is still difficult to live with. More so when Liam thinks of all the moments Christophe Dicranian will miss him.”I would have been 32, well done to the limit, nothing will have changed, but my children, there will be an evolution. We go from a little boy who can barely speak to a little girl who will learn to read. Joy, maybe at 8 she will walk or be in a wheelchair (she was recognized as 80% disabled, ed)it means that things will change“.

I assure you…

Times are shaping up to be long for Liam Di Benedetto but, fortunately, she is now allowed to contact her man almost as much as she would like. “Now there’s the cabin, the telephone and it’s magic“, he enthuses. And to remind you one last time:It was to enlighten you a bit, I assure you, he won’t be 12 at all, really not!We recall that Christophe Dicranian was arrested for drug trafficking dating back to 2016. At the time, the judicial police of Nice had found almost 600 kg of cannabis in three boxes and at his home, stolen vehicles that had been used for the transport of drugs , 8 kg of cocaine and 560,000 euros in cash. In 2019 he was then summoned by the Nice court for having “directed or organized a group whose object is the illicit production, manufacture, import, export, transportation, possession, offer, transfer, acquisition or use of narcotic drugsHe was later sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

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