Léo Grasset replies to Mediapart in a video

Youtube screenshot YouTuber and science communicator Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) has finally chosen to respond to the allegations of the Mediapart investigation released in June 2022.

Youtube screenshot

YouTuber and science communicator Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) has finally chosen to respond to the allegations of the Mediapart investigation released in June 2022.

YOUTUBE – A late reply, to give his version of the facts. Several months after the investigation by Mediapart, which questioned the behavior towards several women of the youtuber and science communicator Léo Grasset, of the DirtyBiology channel, the young man decided to express himself in a long video published this Saturday 19 November. An approach that aims to expose his view of the case and expose the misleading practices of the newspaper according to him.

Pinned in an article from June 2022 which notably reported an accusation of rape and several testimonies of psychological violence against other video operators on the platform, Léo Grasset therefore finally chose to respond in video. At first he had already disputed briefly ” the allegations forwarded to [s]we meet ” after the survey was published, indicating that they have “always been attentive to everyone’s consent [s]they are partners”.

Mediapart is wary of this line of defence

On the Mediapart side, this long video response by Léo Grasset leaves you impassive. Lénaïg Bredoux, co-author of the article thus recalls the huffpost it’s like this” an investigation of several months, very long and for which (she has) asked Léo Grasset several times. Which he still agreed to answer before refusing. And “I still sent him all the detailed questions if he ever changed his mind before publication. He didn’t want to answer. Neither him nor his lawyers “, keep on. The editorial manager in charge of gender issues for Mediapart adds that the youtuber “ then he would have had all the free time, time and space to clarify, deny and respond… ” As he also wants to give the impression of doing in his video to the areas of ” fact check “.

Because it is therefore found in an edited and meticulously prepared video of just over thirty minutes, and soberly titled ” My response to Mediapart “, replies the science popularizer with 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube. And where he immediately assures that he does not want to trespass in the judicial field, he who is currently the subject of a complaint for sexual harassment by the video maker Clothilde Chamussy, of the chain “Wild Past”. Conversely, he says he wants to go back first of all to the article in the investigative newspaper that he believes “ dishonest “, using ” insinuation “and of” truncated quotes “deliver a portrait” toxic and indictment against his person.

And he recognizes it having a sometimes messy love life » and also presupposes doing « great redneck jokes », Léo Grasset takes on the mission of « provide all the context ” for'” go to calm and thus avoid new cases of cyberbullying for him, his family members, but also for the people behind the testimonies reported in the Mediapart article.

The methods of Mediapart in question

I originally thought I’d tell you the story (of the 2016 evening at the origin of the rape accusation recounted in the Mediapart article, ed), tell you about the discussions we had and so onhe explains to his subscribers. I was torn between wanting to refute such an accusation and not hide anything, and doubting the interest of doing so in front of an anonymous crowd. But in any case, my lawyers simply advised me not to […] For them, you can’t defend yourself against a crime except in court. “, he explains at the beginning of the video.

Returning rather to the elements proposed by the newspaper, Léo Grasset believes that the article has taken its subscribers” for nerds “, and that the testimonies reported give a truncated image of reality, in particular on the nature of his relationship with the one who accuses him.

The youtubeur also criticizes Mediapart for using several other testimonials and expert words to paint a portrait that would cause confusion. ” The article plays on the fact that there are eight testimonies, especially highlighting the first, which is an accusation of rape “. He judges that “thethe quotes used in the article lack context which sometimes changes their meaning » and adds that « thethey are others (accusations) are completely different in nature “. Another argument advanced by the YouTuber: the Mediapart article is paid for and can therefore distort the understanding of readers who have only read the title and the first few lines available for free on the newspaper’s website.

It’s no surprise, then, that we find comments all over the Internet suggesting that I raped eight people. “, regrets Léo Grasset, while acknowledging that a video uploaded for free on YouTube by Mediapart ” he probably offered more details » for those who have not read the article in its entirety.

The return of videos

We always remember that, in the crosshairs of justice, the youtubeur also highlights the repercussions of the article on his personal and professional life, including the loss of collaborations and sponsors in relation to his activity as a videographer. ” This article stole my life and I can’t take it back without at least responding: these kinds of events have pretty serious consequences. “, he still claims, believing he has lost” something like 80,000 subscribers since the article appeared in June.

Assuring in spite of everything that refuses to put himself in a position of ” self-victimization to move the public “, Léo Grasset is keen to underline” the extent of the damage ” And ” waves of harassment and threats “, also evoking invitations to suicide by Internet users. A posture of the videographer who is discussing. To the point of being questioned at length on social media, in particular by Bruno Muschio, author and director of the series In short Where is it Stuck.

You can do a lot of damage with good intentions “Nevertheless he faces Léo Grasset right at the end of the video, hoping to have” provided context for rereading the article in a new light.

A few days after the publication of the first article, this person (with whom DirtyBiology has collaborated several times on Youtube, ed) decided to file a sexual harassment complaint “says the videographer. In this other case, he claims to have ” made available to justice so that it can investigate freely […] My lawyers also wrote to the public prosecutor to simplify any summons and to clarify that I wanted to be heard as soon as possible. »

But to conclude this first speech after five months of silence, Léo Grasset prefers to end by assuring the viewer that he really intends to shoot the videos, having “ I really want to continue, if you still want to watch them “. In his opinion, ” the videos aren’t coming out anytime soon “but” the important thing is that if you’re hot, we can continue “. A timing that calls into question, when just at the time of the video’s publication on Saturday, in France, thousands of people took to the streets to denounce the multiple dysfunctions in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence.

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