Le Pouget, more than ever a land of games, with the victory over Karim Laghouag’s outfit

The 10th edition of the Pouget International Complete Competition ended on Sunday afternoon with the victory on the CCI4* of an Olympic champion, Karim Florent Laghouag, winner with the French team in 2016 in Rio, and bronze in Tokyo in 2020.

This is the Pouget tradition. Volunteers enter the Carrière to accompany the latest podiums and sing a song as the final note of the International.
On Sunday evening, Karim Florent Laghouag played the conductor’s game with shared happiness. The Olympic champion with France in 2016, in Rio, the bronze in Tokyo, in 2020, climbed to the top step of the ICC4*. For a first participation, it is a masterstroke that also testifies to this flame for the Olympic Games that shines in Pouget. The Domaine des Trois Fontaines was selected as the preparation center for the Games and the CCI track manager, Pierre Le Goupil, was commissioned to design the Paris 2024 course within the Palace of Versailles.

A third note of Olympism

This is one of the reasons for the French champion’s commitment this week.
“Having the touch of the course planner! To get used to, even if he makes several. I know Pierre Le Goupil more as a course planner at the Haras du Pin, he was also in Lignières. I follow him a little this season and also the next year, when I hope to return to Le Pouget. A large area that corresponds well to this type of competition. For my horse, it is good preparation for next year’s European Championships, which will take place in Le Pin…”
The Roubaissiens were somewhat familiar with the place, having come in the past to conduct student internships, but not compete there. This Sunday he concluded his first participation with a clear lap on the cross, the final event of the CCI, on the Embrun de Reno. “A super horse that I had when I was 4, who is now 8 and is maturing; I won’t deny that I’m preparing him for the Olympics”.

“You must always dream”

Final victory for Karim Florent Laghouag.

In very pleasant conditions, the two finished 2nd in dressage behind Louis Seychal (3rd final) then 3rd in the CSO won by Mathieu Vanlandeghem, penalized in cross country for a refusal. When Laghouag flew to victory. A first step towards the Games? “Yes, a 4-star short is the beginning of the qualifications towards a 4-star long, which qualifies him for the Olympics and Europeans or 5*. Well, it’s the first 4* for my horse. Maybe next year all ‘beginning of the season, Montelebretti (Italy) to try to finish 2nd and maybe Saumur for the Long and then maybe for the European Championships, you have to always dream!”

The results of the CCIs

Note the good performance of Serviannaise Marion Cerf, winner of the CCI3-L on D’Jack Pot.
CCI4* S: 1. Karim Florent Laghouag and Embrun de Reno; 2. Hélène Vattier and Darmani Grez Neuville; 3. Louis Seychal and Bakar from Ocean LA…
CCI3* L: 1. Marion Cerf and D’Jack Pot; 2. Lucas Brun and Anapurna de Soulac; 3. Luc Château and Ego des Cabanes.
CCI3* S: 1. Alexis Goury and Je’Vall; 2. William Messelet and Bijoux de Chanay; 3. Frédéric Verge and Dollar of the Vinnebus…
CCI2* L: 1. Rachel Weiler and Rivero; 2.Marie-Gaëlle SainteMarie and Saphir du Bisson; 3.Alexis Goury and Golden des Frottard…
CCI1* S: 1. Hervé Leteux and Be One Cake; 2. Élodie Sautenet and Elixire de Levaux; 3. Tess Carrere and Graphit by Fay Z…All results on https://ochrono.winjump.fr/concours/8103/le-pougethttps://ochrono.winjump.fr/concours/8103/le-pouget

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