Laurent Mariotte as a couple for a long time: rare secrets about her mysterious partner

Anouchka conducts the investigation to unearth and find all the scoop related to the stars. No mission is impossible for this journalist with a real coldness.

Talkative when it comes to cooking and good food, Laurent Mariotte is much less talkative when asked about the woman of his life and the mother of his son Léonard. A follower of a healthy, simple and no-nonsense lifestyle, the host confided to the journalists of “JDD” the secrets of his romantic evenings with his wife …

Show guest Small dishes in balance Since 2008, Laurent Mariotte has been celebrating her 53rd birthday on October 9, 2022. In a relationship with a mysterious partner (whose name she has never revealed and with whom she has never appeared at a public event) for many years, the presenter who has officiated in the past as a culinary columnist on France Info is the father of a boy named Léonard, born in 2001. Very protective of his family, he revealed some anecdotes about his daily life with his loved one, who works as production director at the cinema, with journalists from JDD in December 2020.

Owner of a cozy apartment in the heart of the marshes in Paris, Laurent Mariotte confessed that he adores “sit down with his son and wife over a good meal while enjoying a glass of wine bought from his wine merchant“Always ready to argue with his family on sometimes controversial topics, he also revealed that he loved to recreate himself at home”these brasserie atmospheres, house in the country, where politics is discussed around chicken or lamb“.

Follower of the series Formula 1 Where is it The crownthe former juror of the show The best menu in France he was confident at the time that the health measures related to childbirth had not changed much of his family life. “I am confined to Paris in my apartment with my wife and my son will join us. As I work, my pace isn’t much different than usual. I can’t see the days go by! I prepare and write my radio shows. From time to time I also participate in Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s 13h, I give advice, recipes“, He confided, obviously not at all disturbed in his habits.

Father of a young man with a passion for graphics, Laurent Mariotte had also relied on the journalists of Entertainment TV where his great love for cooking was born: his mother and grandmother who introduced him to “simple cuisine, from the garden, peasant, rustic and above all focused on the seasons. After passing a postcode, she immediately wanted to “mix tv and kitchen“.”I found myself on to present the first cooking show in real time. Long before Cyril Lignac!“, He confided with pride.

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