La Française des jeux wants to be the first local brand

For several years the Française des jeux (FDJ) has been playing the diversification card. At the end of September it announced the launch of “nirio”, a payment solution for settlement daily bills in the bar-tobacconist-press network. The presentation was made during 82And HLM Congress, which was held in Lyon. Just a symbol.

It will be possible to pay bills for water, gas, electricity, telephone and even rent with social owners at approved outlets, the FDJ argues. In this sense, a first agreement was signed with Seqens, which manages a stock of 105,000 housing units in Île-de-France.

5 billion transactions per year

In 2020, a few months after privatization and listing on the stock exchange, the FDJ had already won the tender launched by the Directorate General of Public Finance to pay taxes, fines or canteen and nursery expenses directly in one of its points of sale. Approximately 13,500 resellers, or just under half, received the green light from the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (APCR) and processed over 3.34 million transactions.

The company led by Stéphane Pallez had won this contract against La Poste, highlighting his title of largest local network in France. It shows both very large hourly amplitudes and recognized know-how in managing secure transactions (5 billion per year, or over 1,000 operations per second during peak hours).

In total, the second European lottery has 30,000 points of sale in 11,000 municipalities. A level that has remained more or less stable over the years, recalls the AD, which is a challenge in the context of the desertification of the rural world.

An activity with a very marginal turnover

Thanks to the creation of new traffic in the shops, everyone benefits from this diversification. Six million households, or around 20% of the French population, do not want to use direct debit to pay their bills.underlines the company, whose turnover on this activity is still very marginal, to the point of not being published.

The FDJ thus supports its resellers, who are very interested in new businesses, but also aim at “To become the leading local collection and payment network in France. In July, La Française des Jeux took over two SMEs, Adstellam and l’Addition, which developed a management software for bars-hotels-restaurants.

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