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Long in decline at Juventus Turin, midfielder Adrien Rabiot can always count on the constant support of his coach Massimiliano Allegri. Author of a double and above all a complete match against Maccabi Hafa (3-1) on Wednesday in the Champions League, the French international is making controversy over his future.

Adrien Rabiot brings Juventus Turin back to life.

In recent months Adrien Rabiot has not been spared by critics. In France and Juventus Turin, the midfielder has often been pointed out for his contribution considered too neutral.

But in this difficult period and despite an interrupted transfer to Manchester United during the last summer transfer window, the former Parisian has always been able to count on strong support: Turin coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Rabiot, undisputed keeper

A total trust that was also felt in relation to the status of the Habs, the undisputed owner at the beginning of the season. Still in the starting line-up when he was in shape, Rabiot took advantage of this situation to find some sporting color. The 27-year-old was decisive on Wednesday with a brace to allow his team to win against Maccabi Hafa (3-1).

This is absolutely no surprise. He is a player who has improved a lot. He is now 27 years old, it is the best age to cross a goal. He has shown that he is a great player, I think he still has room for improvement. He scored two goals, things are slowly falling into place. I think he is entering the most important years of his career., Allegri judged at a press conference. But in addition to his offensive efficiency, he also signed a full performance with a lot of defensive work and a nice clean in his transmissions.

An impact on its future

In the short term, despite doubts about him, Rabiot seems on track to secure his place in the France group for the 2022 World Cup. While several of his competitors have physical problems, the Saint-Maurice native has always been appreciated by coach Didier. Deschamps for his profile. And at this level, he is expected to fly to Qatar in November.

This good period could also have a long-term impact. Because currently at the expiration of the contract in June 2023, Rabiot seemed to be leaving the Old Lady, in particular to reduce his paycheck. But internally Allegri is pushing very seriously for an extension of the French. If the possible negotiations already seem complex with his clan, the former Toulouse has everything to gain by continuing with his spear.

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