Jules ad music: top fashion influencer

The Jules brand persists and signs its new marketing campaign. For her, fashion and ecology are inseparable and it is in fact possible to be fashionable without damaging the planet. The music in the ad is an original creation created specifically for the campaign and not marketed.

Jules Advertising: Better Fashion Influencers

Advertising Jules “Influencer of a better fashion” it begins in the dining room of a family. Father, mother and son are having dinner in silence. However, one perceives the embarrassment and apprehension of the young man who evidently has something to announce to his parents. As he tries to cheer himself up by repeating “say it” as a leitmotif, his words finally seem to escape her. “I want to be an influencer”. This phrase, spoken as coming out, creates a shock wave around the table. Meanwhile, the little brother, sitting on the ground, looks tired. “Another”he said.

Yes, but not an influencer as we now see on all social networks. Jules tries to influence people to become “better known”. Even the reaction of the influencers is identical to that of the little brother. Another who wants to take advantage of the environment to make himself known. However, they allow themselves to be convinced by the brand’s commitment and use social networks and all the other tools at their disposal to change things. Acting for better fashion, forging lasting partnerships… This is the ambitious project of the Jules brand.

Who is the model for Jules 2022 ad?

Bastien Grimal better known by the name of Bastos is a young influencer and model of French nationality. The young man made himself known to the general public by participating in the reality TV show Secret Story in 2016. The couple with whom he forms in the program Melanie Dedigama it is one of the most popular that opens the door to popularity.

bastien grimal influencer

After his elimination at the gates of the final, Bastien Grimal will then participate in another reality show. This is the second season of Moundir and the apprentice adventurers. She ended up giving up reality TV to launch her own YouTube channel and thus become an influencer on the networks. However, she has also participated in other programs such as Princes and princesses of lovethen The Marseillaises VS the rest of the world 6, Darko is looking for love or Objective Rest of the World. Today, Bastien Grimal is the ambassador of the Jules brand.

What’s the music for Jules: Influencer of Better Fashion?

To promote its new fall/winter collection, the Jules brand has opted for a special composition. The music in the ad has been specifically recorded for the purpose of this ad campaign and is not being marketed.

The Jules brand, addicted to more responsible fashion

Since its creation in 2000, the Jules brand already had plans to become a must-have in the men’s fashion sector. Thus, he started making clothing of exceptional quality and above all of very trendy designs accessible to all budgets. Already at that time, the ecological commitment of the clothing brand was highlighted with each collection that came out. However, it was in 2020 that Jules really created an innovative and more responsible concept by embarking on his own project Men In progress. A concept that has made fast fashion possible for the most fashionable men, allowing them to act in a more eco-responsible way.

In early 2021, Jules released a collection entirely based on upcycling. This is why he has joined forces with the Marseille anti-fashion project association which has been working for a more sustainable fashion for years. The entire clothing collection had been entrusted to the good care of the reintegrated youth. At the same time, Jules promoted made in France by marketing jeans made in the north, in Roubaix, entirely with recycled fibres. In summary for the Jules clothing brand, the challenge is to continue to love fashion and style while being more responsible and also loving the planet.

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