Joyce Jonathan: Her secrets about the couple she formed with Thomas Holland

Invited to the Télé-Loisirs program, Joyce Jonathan returned to her relationship with Thomas Hollande and the complications they may have encountered.

Jordan de Luxe recently received on his tour show for Tele-leisureJoyce Jonathan. The singer has given up with an open heart and has the opportunity to talk about different topics. She confided about her career, her news, but also her private life. Especially on his romance with Thomas Holland ended eight years ago.

Their pairing had been highly publicized and made a lot of noise. François Hollande had just been named President of the Republic, which earned him great indiscretions and little privacy. The singer doesn’t usually talk about her old relationships, but she agreed to answer Jordan de Luxe’s ​​questions without hesitation, to reveal more couple details with Thomas Holland.

Joyce Jonathan “Paparazzi every five minutes”.

Curious and waiting for revelations, Jordan de Luxe asked Joyce Jonathan about his relationship with the son of the former president of the republic and his family: “How was the meeting with the in-laws Ségolène Royal and François Hollande?”he asked her first. “It was special,” the singer replied, before continuing: They are really cool in normal life. We had a great time”he confided.

The presenter then addressed the topic of media coverage of their couple, which earned them a lot of paparazzi and indiscretions: “When we are with son of the President of the Republic, they are paparazzi every five minutes. How do we live with this?”he asked frankly. To which the artist honestly replied: “Yes, we got a little paparazzi when we went to lunch on vacation”he confirmed.

Joyce Jonathan “It was special and I didn’t like it very much”

The singer then spread more about the paparazzi who followed them constantly: “It could have happened to me too before I met him, but it’s true that the slightly disturbing thing is that at times I felt more like Thomas Hollande’s girlfriend than a singer. It was kind of painfulshe confessed, stating that she was already known as a singer before meeting Thomas Hollande. The girl then resumed: “After that, I keep things in mind and didn’t take it too personally, but still, a while back when I was about to promote my new record, I didn’t want my boyfriend talking to me 90% of the timewhat”he confided.

Rebounding from her remarks, Jordan de Luxe asked the young woman if the mediatization participates “the erosion of a couple”to which the singer once again answered with honesty: “It was strange. It was also the first time I did it see my couple in the eyes of others, in the media, in the photos, and this was special. And I didn’t like it very much”he pronounced, before explaining that this story especially justifies his new life choices: “I think that’s what makes ittoday I protect my private life much morehe concluded.

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