Internet users scream “scam” when they look at a report on a trade show

A report on fairgrounds and fairgrounds in “Capital” angers Internet users.

A new issue of “Capital” aired on M6 on Sunday 9 October. The secrets of the fairground and some attractions have been brought to light. And finding that the machines were actually “rigged” at trade shows, Internet users expressed their indignation on the Web.

This Sunday, October 9, a new issue of “Capitale” was broadcast on M6. The topic of the day? “Showmen, travelers: revelations about a secret economy”. As promised, the sixth channel teams plunged viewers into the heart of their business and above all of the amusement parks. Each year, these fairs attract thousands of French people, and some attractions are more popular than others. Obviously, some stands attract more attention, young and old alike. We are talking about claw cranes, which often brought joy to children, but the misfortune of the parents. Who has never tried to catch a stuffed animal and spent a small fortune to leave empty-handed? We plead guilty!

Capital reveals a way to make ends meet:

“A rigged game”

And in this new issue of “Capital” all the tricks of these cult cars and attractions have been brought to light. Therefore, the show teams revealed to the whole world that these claw cranes are actually rigged. It is the showman who chooses whether the player wins or not. There is a small hidden command, where you can choose how often to drop the soft toy or object. The case has nothing to do with it … Discovering all these secrets, many Internet users have expressed their indignation on social networks. For them, this is all a “scam”. Furthermore, some did not hesitate to reveal that “their innocent childhood was destroyed” within minutes.

“The guns are out of order”

The pliers weren’t the only ones in “Capital’s” sights. Indeed, other very famous stands, such as rifle shooting or the casino, also hide dark secrets. As they explained, at the shooting range the strings are made of nylon and therefore almost impossible to break, while some rifles are out of regulation so much that the player misses the target and spends even more money.

“6,000 bullets the iPhone”

And while some are hoping for a bargain or a little luck at the fair’s casino, it actually seems far from true. The machines have hatches on the sides so that the parts don’t fall out. Furthermore, those who want to start with a state-of-the-art phone, such as an iPhone, have to spend a real fortune … In the end, to win a laptop, one would have to get the equivalent of three million points, which represents the sum of 6,000 euros. . As many Internet users point out, it is better to buy a new phone in the store, it will cost much less.

“They’re going to destroy the fair business”

Looking at this report, some Twitter have wondered. What is the purpose of the carnies to reveal their secrets? Some think “they will destroy their business”, while others assure it … They will never play with pliers again.

Despite everything, the aim of the fair remains to please young and old. Those who go there hope to have fun and the showmen know it well.

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