in the Austrian city best prepared to face the catastrophic scenario of a blackout

Feldbach is considered the city in Austria best prepared for the blackout. And it owes it to its mayor Josef Ober who, several years ago, decided to invest and raise awareness among his fellow citizens of this catastrophic scenario. A process that has not always been well understood. “At first we weren’t taken seriously. Then in March 2020, with the first lockdown, awareness increased. Something unusual happened and people realized we weren’t prepared for it.”explains the city councilor to the magazine “We Europeans” (replay).

“The question is not whether it will happen. It will happen, but we don’t know when, and I don’t know how society will react,” specific. We need to become more resilient so that the system doesn’t collapse. “ Public order is one of the biggest risks in the event of a blackout. How to manage an unprepared population, which would soon find itself short of food? In a recent article, the Austrian press revealed that the Spar supermarket chain has even begun to train its staff in the management of possible looting, but the company does not communicate on the matter …

Ensure the continuity of the police and fire brigade

Josef Gsöls, the deputy mayor in charge of the blackout and security, addressed this issue of the riots because he is also a policeman: “During a blackout, supermarkets will make sure they sell all perishable food. Without electricity, in fact, there are no crates or cooling systems, so instead of spoiling the products, we distribute them. If the population is prepared, informed, we can avoid. panic. “ And to ensure the continuity of the police and firefighters, it is at the fire station that it is happening. By order of Commander Peter Baptist, the emergency center would become the focus of the protection of the population in the event of a prolonged outage in the entire urban area of ​​Feldbach.

“If there is a power failure, the generator starts after three minutes, He said. The batteries guarantee power during these three minutes, so this system is constantly powered. We are not concerned with providing emergency power, we cannot do that. We have generators in our vehicles but they are all used for interventions. We must guarantee the safety of the inhabitants and fire protection, which we bring help … not electricity. “

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