In Singapore, a restaurant charges a fee to parents whose children are too rowdy

The establishment explains that it wants to prevent any inconvenience caused by young customers, after receiving numerous complaints about it.

Who has never experienced this situation: you are finally sitting in this restaurant that has been watching you for several weeks, your dish is ordered and you are just waiting for one thing, to enjoy the moment in complete tranquility. Not to mention the sudden screams of a child running around the tables, followed by the (unsuccessful) attempts of his parents to silence him. Your evening does not fall into the water, but the moment is partly wasted.

In Singapore, a restaurant seems to have found the answer: Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill, a brand specializing in oyster-based recipes, announced in early September that it would introduce a tax for parents whose child would have been too loud . The minimum supplement, around 10 Singaporean dollars (around 7 euros), is added to the bill when you leave the table. According to the establishment, the measure is not aimed at banning children from entering its doors, but rather at preventing any annoying situation for customers and its staff. The management explains that it has received numerous complaints from its customers regarding: “cThis type of situation is not only dangerous for servers handling sharp utensils and often very hot food; it is also disrespectful to other customers who wish to have a calm and peaceful timehe told the Singapore CNA news bulletin.

A win / win approach for everyone

The announcement of this overload generated a lot of negative reactions online. The establishment has received a lot of comments on Google from parents unhappy with the implementation of this tax. We don’t know if they are customers, but the restaurant defended itself from any discrimination: “We do our best to discourage self-centered attitudes and encourage mutual respect among all customers.As proof of the effectiveness of this new policy: A few weeks after this policy was created, Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill observed a decline in complaints from its guests mentioning the presence of unruly children.

The brand even explains that it has not needed to sanction anyone so far: “The vast majority of our customers accept this measure, which makes their experience in our restaurant much more enjoyable. We sincerely believe this is a win-win approach for everyone“. A similar approach is also used by Japan Airlines on the plane: when booking a ticket for a flight on its website, the company indicates the seats occupied by children under the age of two. It is thus possible to choose a seat away from these young passengers, who often risk interfering with everyone’s peace of mind Prevention is better than cure.

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