“In Iran I hated being a woman”

Hunted by the Islamic regime, Golshifteh Farahani left Iran in 2008. Becoming French, the eternally uprooted 39-year-old actress has pursued a brilliant international career. Since Mahsa Amini’s death on September 16, three days after her arrest by the Iranian Morality Police, she has loudly shown her support for the uprising movement in her home country.

I wouldn’t have come here if …

If, by dint of harassment and harassment, the Iranian secret services had not forced me into exile. I had not foreseen this departure, I had never imagined building a life outside my country, far from my people. It was infinitely painful, I paid dearly for it. My soul is severely paralyzed and there will be no return. I have a new identity. But I believe in destiny and the challenges that force you to grow. And maybe this forced exile eventually gave me wings …

You were born in 1983, four years after the Islamic revolution …

And in the midst of the war with Iraq. In other words, in a time of chaos. Observing the young protesters of today, most of whom were born in the 1990s and 2000s, makes me realize how completely burned my generation was. Our early childhood, that crucial moment in which spirit, confidence and reflexes are forged, took place under the bombs and the din of the sirens. We saw the fear in our parents’ eyes, we saw the destroyed houses on our street in Tehran. We felt death before we understood life. I belong to a terrified generation. He didn’t take part in the revolution – that was the big parenting business – but he lived through the post-revolution, the disaster after the earthquake.

With what consequences?

We didn’t have any children. Or very little. This is also what prompts the government to step up its pronatalist propaganda. Both the old and the young tend to laugh at us. But it’s a fact: out of twenty-five girls in my conservatory class, only six had children. Tell us how traumatized we are. We don’t believe in the future, we don’t have faith in life. The past is shit; the future does not exist.

Do you perceive a big difference with the generation that today occupies the streets, secondary schools, universities of the country?

Huge! This generation Z has known neither revolution nor war, it was born in stasis, stuck in a country that is a dictatorship. But she has Instagram, TikTok, she knows what’s going on in the world, she is irreverent, without complexes or shyness. I have the impression that you are not afraid of anything. Besides, she doesn’t talk like we do. Her tone, her vocabulary, her body language are different from ours.

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