“I know, what I say is difficult …”: Charlotte Valandrey, her difficult words about her daughter Tara

The daughter of the actress Charlotte Valandrey announced a public religious tribute organized in Paris on October 6, 2022 in the Church of Saint François-Xavier in the 7th arrondissement in memory of the mother who left us last July. . She had not survived her last heart transplant and died at the age of 53.

Buried on July 19 in Pléneuf-Val-André in the Côtes-d’Armor a few days after her disappearance, Charlotte Valandrey died at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. Her loved ones have prepared to pay a new tribute to the one who fought so hard against the disease and health problems caused by her HIV treatment.

In all honesty, the actress revealed from red kiss had mentioned her relationship with her only daughter, Tara, born of her marriage to Arthur Lecaisne in 1999, in the pages of the magazine Gala. An interview he had conducted four months before his death for the promotion of his book Reconcile with yourself published by Robert Laffont. A moving article during which the protagonist of tomorrow belongs to us he was already preparing for the consequences for his daughter. “I have hit rock bottom in the past and in those days my daughter was my strength.“But during this interview, the actress wanted to be honest about the possibility of not surviving this time:”If it happens again, I would obviously think about it, but something has changed … If I really didn’t see the end of the tunnel, Tara wouldn’t let me stay here … I know, what I’m saying is difficult …

I was not a mother like other mothers

Painful words above all because the bond between mother and daughter was very strong, from the first moment because she thought for a long time that she could not have children without transmitting HIV to them. A fusional relationship quickly developed between them, despite the artist’s absences, of which her child had already reproached her: “For ten years I was obviously there, but I was too busy with what was happening to me, I was not a mother like other mothers. With mine I had breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, I never ate in the canteen. These are things I didn’t do for Tara.“It was with her father Jean-Pierre, her sister Aude and her daughter that Charlotte Valandrey died, joining her late mother, Anne-Marie, among the stars. During her funeral, Tara had declared:”He was the strongest person I knew, with the greatest anger to live with.

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