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H&M makes a bold bet and unveils a new style of adorable and very elegant cardigan! The loyal customers of the brand are thrilled!

H&M has once again struck very hard with the unveiling of a new buttonless ribbed knit cardigan. A room that it already makes fashionistas happy in this winter season.

H&M is getting ready for winter

It’s no longer a secret. To this day, no fashionista can do this Go shopping without going to an H&M store.

And for good reason… The Swedish brand has become a real must. Offering quality, on-trend pieces at low prices, it’s hard to do better.

For this winter’s collection, H&M has more doubled to unveil some extraordinary pieces. Midi skirts, knit dresses, padded jackets, lined high boots… There’s something for all tastes and styles.

H&M has already done it she stocked her shelves with evening gowns. With the holidays upon us, you already have your pick of the company’s best sequined dresses or satin two-piece suits.

But while waiting for the holidays, you need to dress for everyday life. Working day, lunch with friends, romantic cinema, … Again, H&M thinks of everything and reveals to us new bases revisited for the season.

To the delight of the fans, the brand has decided to give it its all for winter. Indeed, its novelties are already causing a sensation and they are already having great success for this November.

In the editorial office, one piece particularly struck us caught in the eye ! We tell you more about this ribbed knit cardigan with super hot rhinestone bows!

A new cardigan at a mini price

Like every day, we love surfing the web in search of the last nuggets. This Sunday is no exception to the rule.

And yes, we just found LA nugget and the new must-have of the season ! He’s a ribbed knit cardigan that has it all.

Indeed, this new piece from the H&M brand is inspired by one of our bases : the knit cardigan. However, the Swedish firm has made the bold bet to revisit it.

In place of the buttons found on all of our gilets and cardigans, the brand insisted on adding ” decorative bows made of rhinestone chains and closure with hidden snap buttons on the front. »

The buttons are so hidden thanks to lovely bows and very trendy. His style makes the difference.

We also love its cut. It is a short vest with a straight base and a V-neck. He also has wide sleeves with tight cuffs that give him real flair.

H&M is a hit with its new style of cardigan under €30

H&M is a hit with its new style of cardigan under €30

Crafted in a soft ribbed knit enriched with a touch of wool, the brand’s loyal customers are already snapping up this ultra-comfortable model on the shelves of every store.

No surprise! In addition to its eye-catching design that attracts a lot of attention and its quality materials, H&M is selling its cardigan for only 29.99 euros.

Available in 4 different colors (sage green, cream, black or greige), so you can match it with all kinds of skirts or shorts. It’s up to you to find the trendy and comfortable looks that will make a difference thanks to this new H&M nugget!

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