“He also amazed me and his team”, Alain Prost reacts

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen became Formula 1 World Champion for the second consecutive year on Sunday 9 October thanks to his victory at the Japanese Grand Prix. “TO 25 years is quite an exceptional career ”, Alain Prost reacted to franceinfo.

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Max Verstappen “he amazed me and his stable too“, said on Sunday 9 October on franceinfo Alain Prost, quadruple Formula 1 world champion, while Dutchman Max Verstappen became, for the second consecutive year, Formula 1 world champion after his victory at the Grand Prix of Japan.. At 25, “it’s a truly exceptional career. “

Max Verstappen Formula 1 world champion for the 2nd consecutive year: Alain Prost’s reaction on franceinfo to Victor Matet’s microphone

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franceinfo: Has Max Verstappen surprised you this season?

Alain Prost: Yes, he amazed me and his team too. It is half surprising. Last year I said we would see the best Verstappen after his first title. This year we have seen that he has been able to score points, which gives him more psychological confidence. Next to that, there is a team (Red Bull) who are at the top of the game today. They won a championship and managed the new rules well, which is not easy because a lot of team resources have been assigned to these rules. At 25, it’s a pretty exceptional career.

The race was interrupted on lap three for two hours due to weather conditions and two retirements, and safety conditions were not always good. What do you think ?

It doesn’t amuse me, it worries me. We affect the safety of the pilots, so it’s not a lot of fun. There were two, three problems. Starting in such conditions is always complicated, but the real problem is the tow truck [en début de course un véhicule de dépannage était présent sur la piste alors que les pilotes s’y trouvaient également]. It happened in 2014 with the (fatal) accident of Jules Bianchi in quite similar circumstances. It seems incredible that the same thing is done again on the same circuit. A Formula 1, even if it enters the tow truck at 50 km / h, we know that the consequences are more than formidable. So it’s outrageous.

Did the presence of a tow truck on the Japanese Grand Prix track shock you?

I didn’t think we could see him again in an F1 Grand Prix and not even in any race. We can wait one more lap for the cars to stop and take the tow truck inside. That’s what we’ve always asked for. Even at the time we noticed the high speed of the riders but the problem is not there, it shouldn’t happen. It would be interesting to follow the investigation that will be carried out and which will be pushed by many pilots.

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