Gatorade introduces a $ 70 connected water bottle

Gatorade has just unveiled the Smart Gx Bottle, a connected water bottle that can measure user needs in real time.

Today everything can be connected. The smallest object has its “intelligent” version that interacts with its environment. Based on this idea, the energy drink brand Gatorade has just released an amazing product. The Smart Gx Bottle is actually a connected water bottle.

If it’s not the first in this market, far from it, it’s the first time an established brand known as Gatorade has started selling connected water bottles. With the Smart Gx Bottle, the company promises ultra-high monitoring of the user’s hydration. The bottle has a dedicated application, for the moment only available on iOS. It is therefore able to provide information on ideal consumption.

A smart water bottle to always optimize

Equipped with an LED ring on the cap, it allows you to monitor your consumption at a glance. While the product may seem useless in daily use, Gatorade ensures it is a real boon for athletes. With a water bottle connected, recovery is optimized.

Depending on the intensity of the physical activity or even the way in which it was carried out (violent but short or long and regular effort) the needs of the organism are not at all the same. Gatorade analyzes all this data with the “Sweat Stop”. As the name suggests, it is a patch that sticks to the skin.

It then measures the level of sweating and the concentration of mineral salts in the sweat. This data is then passed on to the application for analysis. From there the phone will alert the user of the optimal recovery level and therefore of its consumption to be had in the hours that have followed his effort.

Sport and new technologies: the pursuit of performance

By pushing the analysis this far, Gatorade touches a market that is becoming more and more important, the mix between sports and new technologies. For several years, sports clubs have been trying to analyze our every movement to optimize performance. In addition to working on strategy during matches or on recruiting, technological advances can be used to improve the conditions of athletes.

In addition to a pumpkin and a patch, Gatorade sells small “capsules” on its website. They must allow to give flavor to the water and to add the essential mineral salts for recovery. Sold together in a “starter pack” the bottle and the “capsules” cost $ 70. For the patch you need to add $ 25. Deliveries are currently only available in the United States.

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