Games accessible to all in the plain of Martinets, in Olivet

Installed in September, the new children’s games were inaugurated on Wednesday 5 October in the Plaine des Martinets.

The culmination of a project led by Hayat EzzarhouniOlivetaine, mother of three children including little Louna, 5 and a half years old, suffering from a very rare disease, Temple-Baraitser syndrome.

“I took the participatory budget to present my project to the town hall and it worked, she recalled. In France, we are far behind on inclusion. When we went to the park, her brother and sister were able to enjoy the games, she could not. . He’s a heartbreaker for a mom! “

A turnstile and a diving board

Involved in choosing the games and making them, Hayat was inspired by what the Municipality of Arras (Pas-de-Calais) did. The construction was entrusted to the company Aquarelle, which installed a wheelchair accessible turnstile and a trampoline. Other modules have been added to the area, including a hut with a music wall, all on soft ground. And there is also a slightly sloping path.

“We are delighted to inaugurate this new playground accessible to all. a wonderful project humanly“, underlined Cécile Adelle, deputy mayor.” We care about the development of children, of all children, added Stéphane Bourdillault, deputy for children and families.

In April, Two comprehensive swings were installed – with a bird’s nest seat . One at the Parc de l’Orme-Grenier, the other at Larry “. From now on, with each renewal of the games, the Municipality will take care to promote inclusion in this way. All the more so as these playgrounds also contribute , to sensitize children to coexistence.

Games increasingly inclusive, in the agglomeration of Orleans

In total, all the new elements of the playground cost the municipality 72,272 euros, inclusive 48,500 euros for the games included(€ 35,000 from the participatory budget).

It turns out that this specific piece of equipment costs more than the others. Their design is more complex and their installation requires more labor and manpower, said Jean-Charles Chauvin-Ricci, manager of the Aquarelle company, who also recalled that communities can benefit from subsidies.

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