French gas reserves ahead of winter are full, announces the Energy Regulatory Commission

The CRE, which made announcements on Wednesday, still calls on the French to make “a massive collective effort to reduce our energy consumption.”

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France has had its fill. France’s gas reserves are at their highest, the Energy Regulatory Commission announced Wednesday 5 October in a press release. The storage filling campaign for the winter of 2022/2023 ends with storage over 99% filled “, we can read in the press release. France thus becomes the third European country, after Belgium and Portugal, to fill its natural gas storage capacities to the maximum.

The 130 TWh of accumulated gas reserves “they represent about 2/3 of the winter consumption of SMEs and individuals” in France, specifies the CRE, which also calls the French to a “a massive collective effort to reduce our energy consumption”.

“The CRE reminds us that situations of tension are still possible depending on the conditions of the passage of winter”nevertheless warns the Energy Regulatory Commission.

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The government’s goal of filling the country’s storage capacity with natural gas by November was therefore achieved, while Russian gas exports to France completely dried up on 1 September. On Thursday, the executive must also present its “energy sobriety plan”, aimed at mobilizing all sectors of economic and social life to reduce French energy consumption by 10% in two years and help the country face a tense winter.

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