French Embassy faces zero Covid

The French embassy in China diplomatically criticized the Asian giant’s zero Covid policy on a social network, an unusual message much commented on and welcomed on Friday 25 November by the Chinese exasperated by this health policy.

Despite several vaccines available and bucking the trend with the rest of the world, the country continues to apply strict restrictions to avoid contamination and death.

Economic impacts

This policy consists of imposing confinement as soon as cases appear, quarantining people who test positive in centres, and requiring almost daily PCR tests for access to public places. But this strategy, in addition to the tiredness it is now generating among the population, for whom traveling has become difficult, weighs heavily on the economy.

China’s zero Covid policy dynamic has an impact on French companies present in China“, the French embassy wrote in Chinese Thursday evening on its official Weibo social network account. “In order to maintain and develop bilateral trade and investment between China and France, a transparent, predictable and fair trading environment is essential.“, points out.

Relaxation of the zero Covid policy

The Chinese government announced a relaxation of its health policy on November 11, which significantly reduced the duration of the quarantine upon arrival in China and should make travel easier. But the embassy cites in its message a press release from the France-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), which believes that these measures “did not meet expectationsand urges Beijing to do soeliminate unnecessary and excessive restrictions“.

The message from the Embassy,like itmore than 85,000 times on Weibo, it has generated nearly 10,000 comments, the vast majority of them positive. “Thanks to France for speaking on behalf of the Chinese“, writes one user. “It really is the country of the revolutionsays another, grateful. “Thank you, I hope France win the soccer world cup!» enthuses a third. Negative comments have also been posted.

Since when do French companies have a say in Chinese health policy?one of them asked. “Thank you for defending corporate capitalism. We defend people’s health and livesanother wrote. Western embassies in China generally adopt a very diplomatic tone. But some sometimes publish less consensual messages towards the authorities, especially in support of the cause of sexual minorities or human rights.

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