French actresses and singers cut their hair in support of Iranian women – Liberation

In a clip broadcast Wednesday on social networks, 53 are filming scissors in hand cutting a lock of hair. Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Adjani or even Charlotte Gainsbourg thus show their support for the struggle of Iranian women.

Take a lock of hair and cut it. The gesture has become a symbol of support for Iranian women who have demonstrated against the regime at the risk of their lives since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, killed by the moral police for her hair misplaced under her veil. In a video posted on Instagram this Wednesday, the collective supportwomensiran brought together 53 French artists acting in front of the camera.

Among them, we recognize Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Adjani, Julie Gayet, Charlotte Rampling, Juliette Armanet, Laure Calamy, Muriel Robin or Juliette Binoche. With the soundtrack of the interpretation in Farsi of the song of the Italian partisan revolt Bella Ciao, which for several weeks has become the soundtrack of the revolt. Everyone cuts a lock of hair, more or less long, with scissors.

“Impossible not to denounce this terrible repression again and again, specifies the French collective. There are already dozens of deaths among men and women, including children. The arrests only increase the number of prisoners already illegally detained and too often tortured. We therefore decided to respond to the appeal that was launched by cutting some of these locks ourselves“.

“Send a signal”

At the origin of this video, three lawyers. The president of Paris, Julie Couturier, the former president of the National Bar Council, Christiane Feral-Schuhl, and Richard Sédillot, a specialist in defense of human rights. The man had already mobilized for the release of the Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh.

This video is one way of “shows solidarityactress Julie Gayet told France Inter. It was to send them a signal, to say ‘we are here’. I hope they have a way to see it. “. Attorney Richard Sédillot hopes this move from France “It will trigger a very strong political reaction” and asksbeliefsagainst Iran.

In France, a minute of silence was observed at the National Assembly on Tuesday in honor of “incredible courage” of the “women, men and all the youth of Iran” who “Express their thirst for freedom”, in the words of the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet. Since Mahsa Amini’s death, nearly 100 protesters have been killed in Iran during the crackdown on supporting demonstrations.

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