Foufounart, the artist who sublimates the female sex in the public space

Behind the artist name Foufounart, a part of mystery that she wants to keep. “I have many lives next to me”, the sweet Marion, mother and employee in the cultural environment of Lyon, immediately attacks with a smile. Her “little secret garden” that she loves to cultivate in her spare time, her passion is “representing the female sex in the public space”. She creates vulvas without complexes. Without taboos. But always with great delicacy.

“I don’t work on eroticism,” explains the one who has never had an artistic training. Instead Marion prefers to sublimate the female genitalia by diverting symbols, obsolete objects or old materials. Her vulvas – a “unique” piece made with clay and modeled by hand – are mostly covered with a bucolic motif. They are then hung in the center of a porcelain dish, placed on the bottom of a vase, sometimes placed under a glass bell or often surrounded by a baroque frame painted with gold leaf. The result is surprising, captivating.

Create “a surprise effect”

The goal is to create a contrast, a “surprise effect” to bring a different look, she continues. “In the distance we see a work, we guess colors or small flowers. And when we get closer we discover that it is a vulva in relief”, describes the artist who wanted to “represent the female sex where we don’t expect it. It’s something beautiful that we don’t have to hide. It’s still a taboo topic for many women today, but there’s no reason to be ashamed of it,” she argues.

The series of “discrete”. -Foufounart

Feminist but “not militant”, Marion proudly takes her approach, that of “restoring the female sex its place and its legitimacy”. Which is annoying sometimes. Her first work, pasted in April 2021 in a square in the Croix-Rousse – her “district of the heart” – was “massacred”, “destroyed with ferocity” after three days. Not enough to put the artist off, however.

“The goal is not to shock”

“The goal is not to shock but to provoke questions about how we perceive the female body,” she replies. In art, in society in general, the male gender is widely represented. On the other hand, it took until 2017 for the clitoris to appear in school textbooks. It’s pretty crazy when half the souls that populate this planet have one. Little girls know what a penis looks like faster than their own sex.”

Aged in its “first forty years”, Lyonnaise belongs to “this generation that discovered itself late”. “At home, the subject was especially taboo. We didn’t talk about sexuality, I was never told about periods either. I didn’t know what it was, he says. I learned about it in the schoolyard through urban legends. »

Behind the artistic approach, the desire to educate and raise awareness. Invited to exhibit her latest creations at the Fresh Painting street art festival, Marion was able to confront the public. Sometimes with a lot of humour. “A gentleman came to see me to congratulate me,” she recalls. She told me: “That’s nice, but what does it represent?” I replied that she was a vulva, he was quite surprised and almost embarrassed ”, she concludes with a laugh.

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