Formula 1 2022 – Schumacher, Hamilton, Fangio … Verstappen rushes to the club of legends

“This second title already makes him a great one,” said Fernando Alonso on the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix. The Alpine Spaniard was not a visionary and took no risks. Verstappen II’s coronation was just a matter of time, place and circumstances. It was for Suzuka, where on Sunday “Nando” went to greet as it should be the arrival of his alter ego in the already selected club of double world champions. And not just anyone, but those who have managed to make history stuttering in the wake of their advent.

In this tour de force, only seven big names had happened before him: Alberto Ascari (1952-53), Jack Brabham (1959, 60), Alain Prost (1985-86), Michael Schumacher (1994-95), Mika Häkkinen (1998 -99), Fernando Alonso (2005-06) and Sebastian Vettel (2010-13).

Japanese Grand Prix

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Verstappen Champion: “It’s incomprehensible and crazy”

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Max Verstappen has been included in the list of these riders crowned twice in a row within the same team. Sacred in the snatch for the first time, he even confirmed in “punishment” mode, proof of his ability to mobilize, as only Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel had done before him. And now, among the drivers who have won the first three titles in a row, only Sebastian Vettel remains; under the same colors, Red Bull in this case.

We would like to win the last four races

Is the Dutchman now drawing plans on the comet? It would be wrong to know him. He will also try to find a time to celebrate with his team, which held flights at 8pm Sunday to leave Japan and return to Europe in anticipation of the next championship stopover in Austin, Texas on October 23. “Don’t worry, we’ll celebrate!” Reassured Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing’s special adviser.

“It is very important to see what the whole team has achievedinsisted “Super Max”. A season like this is quite special, it doesn’t happen often, and that’s why we have to have fun and thank the whole team behind it. I think it would be very difficult to replicate a season like this. “

That’s it, he has nothing else planned and he knows he still has his work to do between now and the end of the 2022 season. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record of victories in one season (12). “We would like to win the last four races. Texas and Mexico would also be good party places.”Dr. Marko warned, on ViaPlay.

A pressure that is difficult to bear over time

In fact, Max Verstappen knows how much work, energy and time it takes to dominate his world to such an extent. “It’s nice to have the pressure and to have to give your best every lap of every race, but not for too many consecutive years”, cuts him, at the end of this XXL season.

His age – he just turned 25 – and the contract he signed until 2028 with Red Bull Racing give him the opportunity to settle down for a long time, and to join other legends. Because if he entered the top 6 of the most successful drivers in Grand Prix on Sunday, on a par with Fernando Alonso (32), he still has a lot to do to invite himself to the table of Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher (7 titles), Juan Manuel Fangio (5), Alain Prost, Sebastian Vettel (4), Ayrton Senna or Niki Lauda (3), commonly accepted as sports legends.

Capable of even grander seasons

Of course, you have to settle for the long term to mark your time. Max Verstappen started in Formula 1 in 2015 but only entered the Formula 1 list last year. He understood that the stability of the working environment is a key word – Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton have shown it well – but it is by no means a guarantee. “I was thinking about Michael’s record [Schumacher] would never beat, so Lewis [Hamilton] did the same, said Helmut Marko, who saw how Sebastian Vettel, who set out to join them, eventually ran out. There are so many factors to put together. But he’s not the type who likes records. “

“I still have a few years in Formula 1, so I hope we can be competitive for a few more years,” said Max Verstappen on Sunday. “I want to win more races and try to win more titles. But that one won ‘” It doesn’t change. Not what I have already achieved and am really proud of. If we can keep our team together this year, I think we will be capable of even greater seasons. “

Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, ​​Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna are next on the list …

Japanese Grand Prix

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Japanese Grand Prix

The explanation: because Verstappen is champion with all the points awarded


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