Formula 1 2022 – Bonus-malus: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) in levitation, the FIA ​​in perdition

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For the professionalism of the organization and management of the race at the FIA.

The champion: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

Japanese Grand Prix

These five Grands Prix that showed Verstappen’s stature


The best driver in the rain remains the best in the world. Suzuka offered his new title a magical setting and scary and then laughable FIA ​​circumstances. He belonged to another planet in these difficult conditions and showed Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) what they had to do – find the trick to save the sculpted tires – to race a day with him. Maybe someday.

12 wins this year is just one less than Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record, and there are still four races left. So he has enough to ridicule his rivals …

Beaten: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

Again, one time too many. The unpleasant feeling that it’s never her turn, for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s the “medium” or “hard” tires. There, it was the “rain”.

“After three laps I had no more tiressummed up. We’ve had a lot of damage. In the race we are often very good in the warm-up phase, in the first laps of each compound, then we have more difficulties ”.

“Charlot”, officially 3rd at 27 seconds after 28 laps, also lost the second place in the championship. A point separates him from Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) and he has four races to go.

The Vengeful: Alpine

Great weekend for the Blues. Fifth and sixth qualified, Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso put on a show to reach the finish line in fourth and seventh position. The Frenchman, for whom this is the best result of 2022, even crossed a milestone never yielding to pressure from Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

In the Constructors’ World Championship, the 18-1 inflicted on McLaren brought Enstone back to fourth place, by 13 points.

Bonus: Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

It’s nice to see such a champion find himself on such a beautiful circuit. The day after his comments on the incomparable beauty of the Japanese circuit, he paid Alonso for seventh place. We almost wished it was the last Grand Prix of the season to offer him a way out.

The rigor: the FIA

The scandal, we should have titled. The presence of the tow truck on the track when the cars pitted behind the safety car is a very serious failure, and revolting proof that Jules Bianchi’s fatal accident in 2014, under similar circumstances, did not serve as a lesson.

Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) would have impaled himself in the truck, in the back of which a marshal was operating, had he obeyed the injunction to slow down. He was driving at 250 km / h before the red flag arrived and there was nothing he could do. The FIA ​​diverted attention or moved the problem by sanctioning it with a penalty of 20 seconds. “It’s not Pierre’s accident, it’s the FIA’s accident”rightly summed up George Russell (Mercedes).

“It’s disrespectful to Jules, he left Gasly. I’m just glad I’m alive,” the Norman dropped. He has measured his remarks about him because he knows he is obligated to a certain restraint. But it is an insult to the memory of the unfortunate Niçois, in truth.

We will stick to this, without pressing the folkloric management of the end of the race, where the race direction took a lap from the programmed distance. Not to mention the lack of communication on the scale.

The number: 1

First win for Red Bull in the hybrid era at Suzuka and first fastest lap in career for Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo).

The statement: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

“We always try to be a more complete driver, but we are not robots, we make mistakes. It’s about trying to minimize them. Sometimes it works better than others, but overall it has worked quite well.”

Japanese Grand Prix

Leclerc: “After three laps I had no more tires”


Japanese Grand Prix

Schumacher, Hamilton, Fangio… Verstappen rushes to the club of legends


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