Foot OL – John Textor accused, OL fire sale will explode! -Olympique Lyon

The main reason for the postponement of the sale of Olympique Lyonnais mentioned in recent weeks would absolutely not hold up. Doubt is now well established about John Textor’s intentions.

The acquisition of Olympique Lyonnais is still pending and has been going on for several months now. Financing was first in question, then the final administrative details. From now on it is the authorization of the Premier League that would be necessary to allow the American entrepreneur, already owner of Crystal Palace, to be able to add another club to his portfolio. A little delayed green light, but as announced by the various national media, this does not generate undue concern from OL. Nor by John Textor, who recently brushed aside any doubts in a press release, notably stating that observed lengths were common in these sorts of acquisitions.

In this case there is a man who has stopped with four irons from the start, it is Romain Molina. The independent journalist believes that John Textor doesn’t necessarily have such a strong backbone and that his project won’t really be a life-saver for OL. However, the Rhône club really had no choice in this case, as it was two of its main shareholders who announced without warning that they would withdraw their balls.

A simple document to fill out?

Meanwhile, John Textor has found an excuse to put this file on hold, but according to Romain Molina it doesn’t last a second. The latter has put a real stone in John Textor’s garden by explaining that there was absolutely no need for the green light from the Premier League to own another club, but simply to fill in a small document indicating the timeshare. ” Textor has really taken people for idiots because you don’t need a letter from the Premier League to validate the takeover of OL. The buyer simply has to notify the Premier League when he acquires shares in a foreign club. Cf, what happened with City / Troyes », explained the journalist, for whom these complications for the takeover cannot come from the Premier League, which therefore has no say in the matter. Romain Molina attached the document in question to it, which does not appear to require the hours of work of a lawyer. What to prolong the doubt about the intentions of John Textor, which always makes OL wait in this month of November.

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