Five in a row for Monaco! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (MHSC 0-2 ASM) – Football

At the end of a very busy match, Monaco won Montpellier (0-2), this Sunday, during the 10th matchday of Ligue 1. Fifth consecutive victory for the princely club in the league that allows them to strengthen their 5th place and put pressure on the leading teams.

Monaco had no feelings against Montpellier.

Monaco has definitely launched its season. After a complicated start, the princely club recorded their fifth consecutive Ligue 1 success against Montpellier (0-2) this Sunday on matchday 10. Effective and solid, Le Rocher’s line-up strengthens its 5th place and puts pressure on the leading teams in this sprint to the World Cup.

Embolo breaks the lock

Under ideal conditions, the two teams showed a similar level. If there were no opportunities, the duels were particularly hard, like the juxtaposition between the imposing Embolo and Jullien. As time went on, physical combat intensified on both sides, but the defenses got the better of the uninspired attacks.

Aside from a sudden shot from Caio Henrique, well rejected by Omlin, Monaco struggled to make a difference in the last third of the field. On the contrary, Wahi’s power and Nordin’s vivacity could have upset this first period but the Asmist rearguard pulled back. Shortly before the break Embolo, lying in ambush after a too long check by Ben Yedder, shoots Omlin a heavy shot under the crossbar (0-1, 45 ° + 1).

Ruthless monk

When they returned from the locker room, Montpellier pushed hard to return. Savanier, on a free kick, and Nordin, with a shot from half height, make Nbel sweat cold. Little carried out, the Mongasks are affected by the opponent’s attacks, more and more regular but lacking the precision to worry the German goalkeeper. In the first attack of the second period, Ben Yedder lost the duel with Omlin.

A first warning … before the sanction. Boadu, entering in place of Embolo, deceived Omlin’s turn, on a cross from Caio Henrique. A goal validated by the VAR (0-2, 80th). A goal that has certainly sunk the residents of Montpellier unable to frame the slightest shot in this part. With this fifth consecutive league victory, ASM starts its season earlier than in previous years. We will have to count on Philippe Clement’s band.

The score of the match: 5.5 / 10

A very busy game with a lot of muscle duels. Technically, the bout left something to be desired even as Monaco withdrew from the game and proved lethal on its rare occasions. Not a great show overall.

The objectives :

– Launched by Vanderson, Akliouche runs through the area. At the reception, Ben Yedder, who lacks control but sees Embolo following well. On the spot, the Swiss striker fires a heavy shot at Omlin under the crossbar (0-1, 45 ° + 1).

– Moved to the left by Golovin, Caio Henrique sends a magnificent cross behind the Hérault defenders. In reception, Boadu, who stretches his foot to anticipate Omlin (0-2, 80 °).

NOTES from players

Maxifoot scored (out of 10) comments to each player.

Man of the match: Axel Disasi (7.5 / 10)

Very big game of the Mongolian vice-captain. Moved first by the powerful Wahi, the central defender recovered perfectly to put his vis-vis out of action. If Monaco did not concede the slightest shot on goal, it is mainly because the former Rmois player managed to position himself to get in the way of his opponents.


Jonas Omlin (5): beaten at close range by Embolo, he is not flawless on Boadu’s goal with a bad reading of Caio Henrique’s cross. Too bad because on several occasions it had been decisive.

Enzo Tchato Mbiayi (5): just average. The right-back was little used by the Mongas but he still has little aggression against Caio Henrique on Boadu’s goal. Replace the 82nd minute with Falaye Sacko (not no).

Christopher Jullien (5.5): The former Toulouse had a great duel with Embolo, which he ultimately lost. However, he gave the Swiss forward a lot of problems.

Maxime Esteve (5): The Montpellier central defender was constantly struggling from this stretch. Quickly warned, he walked on eggshells to avoid expulsion. Embolo gave him a headache for over an hour.

Nicolas Cozza (5): a disappointment. Positioned on the left of the defense, the club’s training player also lacked self-denial and bite. He is too relaxed about the action that leads to the first goal.

Jordan Ferri (5): The midfielder from Lyon struggled to respond to the physical challenge imposed by Camara and Fofana. He made little contribution to his editing attempts. Replace the 82nd minute with Valre Germain (not no).

Joris Chotard (5): Blueberry gave Nbel the chills on a tense shot over the crossbar. But in the impact on the game he too missed the appointment. Replace the 82nd minute with Khalil Fayad (not no).

Arnaud Nordin (6): The former ACE player hit hard in his lane causing serious problems for Caio Henrique. He is close to equalizing on the return from the locker room on a half-height shot. He didn’t blush at her performance. Replace the 62nd minute with Maouassa casserole (no no).

Tji Savanier (5): good start to the game with good openings for Wahi and Nordin, then much more difficulty in getting rid of the pressing Mongasco. Upon returning from the locker room, he touches the goal on a free kick.

Stephy Mavididi (5): recovering from an injury, the English striker was restless without being able to make a difference on the wing. He was quite well content with Vanderson. Replace the 62nd minute with Wahbi Khazri (not no).

Elye Wahi (6): The club’s top scorer made an interesting copy with great duels against Disasi and Badiashile. He made his power speak of him to keep the Mongol blockade down. However, we saw it much less in the period of Montpellier domination after the break. Pity.


Alexander Nbel (5): the German goalkeeper has nothing to do with it. And for good reason, Montpellier hasn’t targeted the slightest hit in this match. A quiet day.

Vanderson (6): a fair performance for the Brazilian right. He is the origin of the first goal signed by Embolo with an authoritarian climb in the lane.

Axel Disasi (7.5): read the comment above.

Benot Badiashile (6.5): on the whole quite solid, the Monegasque central defender was however shaken a few times by Wahi. He got a yellow card for a late tackle after half-time, slightly ruining his performance.

Caio Henrique (5): complicated day for the Brazilian left. Even though he gets the first chance for his team, the Mongasco has suffered a lot on the defensive. He saves the game with a nice decisive pass for Boadu in the last quarter of an hour. Replace the 84th minute with Ismal Jakobs (not no).

Maghnes Akliouche (5): shy encounter for the young Mongasco who, however, is behind Embolo’s goal before the break with a cross in the area that is difficult to defend. Replace the 46th minute with Krpin Diatta (5)who tried to endanger his lane without making too much difference.

Mohamed Camara (7): After the big match at the Park, the Malian midfielder is slowly but surely climbing the slope. Very effective in recovery, he spent his day successfully harassing Hrault circles. He tried his luck when he could, forcing Omlin to save on a wide shot.

Youssouf Fofana (7): the French international confirms his excellent start to the season with a new quality exit. He too was good in recovery and serene in broadcasts for his strikers. A sure value.

Aleksandr Golovin (6): positioned on the left, the Russian attacking midfielder has worked hard to try and help his defense. However, we expect a lot more from a player who is so good that he always struggles to show all his talent. He is still busy in the second goal with his turn for Caio Henrique.

Breel Embolo (7): Monaco still got a great deal by recovering the Swiss striker for just € 12.5 million … Impressive with his back to goal, he fought a merciless duel with Jullien. He is rewarded before half-time with a heavy blow under the crossbar to show the way for his team. Another complete game for him. Replace the 72nd minute with Myron Boadu (not no)marker on his first try.

Wissam Ben Yedder (5): The Monegasque captain was less important than in his recent outings. Little dangerous, he participated in his way of him at the opening of the score of Embolo with a control too long in the center of Akliouche. Replace 87 minutes with Takumi Minamino (not).

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MONTPELLIER 0-2 MONACO (half time: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 10th matchday
Stadium: Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier – Referee: Benoit Millot, France

Targets : – B. Embolus (45 + 1 °) M. Boadu (80 °) for MONACO
Warnings : Mr. Esteve (11th), C. Julien (88th)for MONTPELLIER – Gaius Henrique (26th), B. Badiashile (65th), Mr. Camara (71st)for MONACO

MONTPELLIER : J.OmlinC. Julien, Mr. EsteveEnzo Tchato Mbiayi, N.CozzaJ. Ferri (V. Germain, 82 °), J. Chotard (F. Sacko, 83 °)T. SavanierA. Nordin (F. Maouassa, 62nd), S. Mavididi (W. Khazri, 62nd)S. Wahi

MONK : A.NbelA. Disasters, B. Badiashilevanderson, Gaius Henrique (I. Jakobs, 84th)Mr. Akliouche (K. Diatta, 46 °), Mr. Camara, Y.Fofana, A. GolovinB. Embolo (M. Boadu, 72 °), W. Ben Yedder (T. Minamino, 87 °)

Embolo opens the scoring before the interval (0-1, 45 ° + 1)

Boadu fixed Monaco (0-2, 80th)

The duels were tough in Mosson

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