Fashion Dynasty: the Bruni sisters, especially chic

Carla and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi have managed to establish themselves on the French media scene. If one is regularly on the billboard of the greatest French-language films, the other has climbed the most prestigious podiums before entering the Elysée. A beautiful team that has its roots in Turin. A true dynasty that made its fortune on the Italian boot thanks in particular to a tire industry. Yes, we were far from the world of glamor and show business where the two sisters will interfere. In 1980 a third sister was born, less known to the general public, Consuelo Remmert. She shares the same mother as Carla, Valeria and Virginio (the older brother of the Bruni Tedeschi brothers). However, her father is a lover of Marisa Borini, Maurizio Remmert. But a dramatic turn of events, in 2008, Carla Bruni discovers that her biological father is actually Maurizio Remmert, Consuelo’s father. Carla and Valeria are therefore, against all odds, half-sisters. But regardless of the blood ties that unite the two artists, the sense of fashion seems to go beyond simple genetics. In fact, if Carla Bruni is a fashion icon who has nothing more to prove in this area, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is no exception. So what makes the uniqueness of the Bruni sisters’ fashion?

Carla Bruni, supermodel of a generation

It was in the 80s that Carla Bruni started modeling. She stopped studying architecture and joined a Parisian modeling agency, City Models. Quickly, her career took off in an extraordinary way. She became a supermodel and chained magazine covers, at a time when models reached the rank of star quite easily. Fashion houses around the world pounced on her and her career took a turn when she met Gianni Versace. She, together with Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour or Linda Evangelista, form a clique of supermodels who become the real rock stars of the decade. Carla Bruni spends her life on the catwalks, dressed in designer clothes, but outside of her Fashion Weeks her style does not fade. Against all odds, her look is devoid of any extravagance. If she is addicted to the trends of the 90s, she does not indulge in mixes of eccentric fantasies or pop hair dyes. Carla Bruni likes sober dresses, which highlight her dream figure of her. A style also copied by Bella Hadid, a faithful copy of Carla Bruni in 2022. In 1998 Carla Bruni retires from modeling to launch herself brilliantly in music. There, her style purifies a little more and correlates with her songs. In 2008, the singer of “Someone Who Told Me” made the front page of all popular magazines: her relationship with the President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy was made official. They get married only a few months after their meeting. Carla Bruni then becomes First Lady at the Elysée. A true fairy tale for the woman who ten years ago was the inspiring muse of the most talented designers. Her First Lady look is rightfully acclaimed in the international press. Chic, modern and crisp, Carla Bruni’s wardrobe during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year tenure is copied by many women who identify with her. Today, ten years after leaving the Elysée, Carla Bruni is at the apex of her style. Whether it’s the Cannes Film Festival or the various social events she is invited to, the multi-faceted artist impresses equally.

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, the elegance of cinema

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi studied theater from an early age. It was in the early 1980s that she took her first steps in front of the camera in television films and amateur creations. Her career grew in the 90s, at the same time as Carla Bruni’s on the catwalks, until she won the César as best female hope in 1994 for “Normal people have nothing exceptional”. In the early years of her film career, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi distinguished herself for a rather sober style of clothing. But it is gradually that she will break free and find her true fashion identity of hers. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, as her sister, is not someone who wears very exuberant creations. She will often prefer black gala dresses before moving on to ultra-elegant pieces more recently. Furthermore, in this month of September, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi confirmed her status as a fashionista of French cinema by participating in numerous fashion shows. Dior and Lanvin had a seat in her name in the front row. For the occasion, she proudly wore the designer clothes of these two brands. From Dior: a long white coat, a matching blouse and navy blue palazzo pants. At Lanvin, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi fell in love with a pastel blue dress, a revisited beige coat and a blue handbag. Certainly the Bruni sisters have a fashion gene in common.

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