Fashion Dynasty: Sandrine Kiberlain and Suzanne Lindon, the French style

His face has been part of the French film scene for decades. Sandrine Kiberlain played roles, one brighter than the other. But beyond her brilliant acting talent in both comedy and drama, it’s a whole look that we admire. The 54-year-old artist has crafted, without much thought, a unique aesthetic that some might describe as “bobo-Parisian” and which many envy. It is therefore not surprising that when her daughter Suzanne Lindon, born of her union with actor Vincent Lindon, arrived on the French media scene just two years ago, the DNA of fashion immediately seemed the same. So what do the two women have so much in common, besides genetics? Analysis of a historic locker room.

Sandrine Kiberlain, elegant nonchalance

Like an entire generation of actresses, it was in the 1990s that Sandrine Kiberlain’s career exploded. She has always had a strong interest in the arts and quickly lands roles in avant-garde films and touching stories. Her recognizable face and her acting style attract both directors and audiences. In 1995, she was nominated for the first time for a César as a promising woman. She will eventually win it the following year. A meteoric ascent that will never stop. She is an exceptional actress, she has managed to forge a real bond with the French which makes her untouchable and popular. You will then participate in very popular events such as the Cannes Film Festival or even the traditional concert of the “Enfoirés” on TF1. But outside the dark rooms, what is observed in Sandrine Kiberlain is the way she dresses. An aesthetic that no one else could match. Yes, the beautiful blonde has a Parisian dressing room as one might describe in her books. Mysterious, nonchalant, “I don’t care” yet so accomplished. She likes baggy shirts, 7/8 jeans, trench coats and especially “no makeup” makeup. On the red carpet, Sandrine Kiberlain never does too much. She wears a suit like no other, paired with a pair of fine cowboy boots, or a pleated midi skirt that she mixes with an 80s geo-history jacket. she, Suzanne Lindon inspired.

Suzanne Lindon, for the love of vintage

Suzanne Lindon is 22 years old. Young, yet … she The latter has already directed and distributed her first feature film as a director. It was called “Sixteen Spring” and she played the lead role. A great project for this young director who has seen her parents dedicate themselves forever to this profession. Quickly, the public took a liking to Suzanne Lindon who displays a disarming maturity, especially on television sets. Two years later, she returns to the stage in “Les Amandiers”. Meanwhile, it is on posters posted everywhere on the streets of Paris that we have been able to see the young woman. In fact, Suzanne Lindon has been chosen as the face of the Celine brand. A style that suits him completely. Her masculine blazer jacket, open shirt over gold medallions, 70s-inspired straight jeans and a pair of normcore sneakers… Here is the actress’ armor. A wardrobe that almost recalls that of her mother, Sandrine Kiberlain. Her look, her face, her very last century inspired haircut and her slender silhouette give her a unique look. Certainly, Suzanne Lindon has everything of a timeless Parisian fashion icon. And this could be the secret of style.

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