Excluded from “Télématin” after her column on the Nice attack, Alexandra Pizzagali recognizes a “clumsiness”

The humorous reports on television are sometimes a real balancing act. In any case, this is what the fate of the comedian Alexandra Pizzagalli suggests, discovered by many Internet users and viewers on September 5, 2022. After a controversial column on the July 14 attack in Nice in the program Telematina broadcast on France 2, it will not return.

The heavily commented sequence had forced the channel to apologize publicly.

The chain opposes its return

While the production of France Télévisions’ morning show had hinted that he could set foot on his set again a month after being the source of bad gossip after his baptism of fire, public service has finally decided to oust him, the comedian reveals to the Parisian. “The embarrassment I had was that of dealing lightly with a serious topic on a news program that evoked it in a poignant loop,” confides the principal concerned.

But the question of his return to the show had so far only been mentioned as obvious. She says she recently learned that she was not going back due to a decision by France 2 and even though she had “reworked a concept” and written a “much more appropriate” column. “

“I cut it all”

“Over the past month I have asked myself many questions,” admits Alexandra Pizzagali. Being at the center of a controversy based on her first comedy column wasn’t easy for the young woman.

It is therefore the wave of messages, comments and criticisms that the comedian has been targeted in a “violent” and “unfair” way that will be the culmination of his passage to Telematina. “I cut everything, calls, messages, social networks”, she says again.

Neither the place nor the appropriate time

Alexandra Pizzagalli still presents her regrets. “I will always be deeply sorry to know that someone is hurt by something, especially if he comes to me,” she said. She still admits that she was “clumsy” about the timing of this column, even though the trial for the July 14 attack in Nice was opening. “It was neither the place nor the time for this text. “

Finally, she trusts that, despite the calls received in private messages to change jobs, she will remain a comedian, while trying to “do better, to be as skilled as possible, to [s]’improve day by day’.

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