Emirates confirms that it will fly on all of its A380s from next summer

The Dubai-based airline has 118 copies of this jumbojet. Other companies are following suit, mostly due to Boeing’s setbacks with its 777X.

Gradually abandoned by airlines, due to unprofitability, the A380 – which was not produced by Airbus for three years – has returned to the sky, especially at Emirates, the first user of this jumbo jet.

Currently 70 of its 118 units are in operation, a figure that will rise to 80 by the end of the year and 118 next summer. Or the entire fleet of the company confirmed this Wednesday to the German press its managing director, Tim Clark.

The Dubai-based airline, due to the configuration of its operations, is betting heavily on this device while its competitors keep it in the garage. It is investing $2 billion to equip it with its new premium economy class.

Return under duress

“It incorporates all the codes of the Business class such as hospitality, catering and entertainment. We are convinced of the importance of this proposal which is marketed 10 to 15% more than the Eco class” explained to us last October, Cédric Renard, managing director Director France of Emirates.

Contrary to the current trend towards lighter, twin-jet, single-aisle aircraft, the A380, which is very expensive to make profitable, is also making a comeback with other airlines.

Fly on intercontinental routes with British Airways which owns 12 aircraft, Singapore Airlines which also owns 12, Qatar Airways (8), Qantas (6) and Korean (4). Lufthansa wants to get its fleet of eight A380s back into service next summer nearly three years after retiring them.

However, with the exception of Emirates, these returns are a bit of a pressure for the companies. Indeed they have to absorb a very significant increase in traffic currently, it is therefore necessary to provide.

Especially as deliveries of the Boeing 777X are long overdue. This aircraft, the largest in the Boeing catalog but lighter than the A380, has only two engines, so it is much cheaper to operate and therefore more profitable.

A350-1000 vs. 777X

It can carry 384 to 426 passengers, has an order book of 340 units, mainly from seven major airlines, including Emirates, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways. These same airlines that fly the A380…

The first deliveries were expected in mid-2020 before being pushed back to early 2021 for another postponement. They are now expected by the end of 2023. It should also compete with the A350 which is today the largest aircraft in the Airbus catalogue.

The European aircraft manufacturer does not intend to go further. “Our product strategy is to continuously develop our aircraft to meet the latest market demands, as evidenced by the commercial success of our entire product line, including the largest A350-1000 produced to date,” he explained. a spokesman for the aircraft manufacturer.

Olivier Chicheportiche BFM Business Journalist

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