Eleven All Stars: over one million viewers for a match between streamers

Peak of over a million people in front of the screens, 20,000 spectators in a stadium in Paris: France-Spain, a real football match between “streamers”, these video game champions, achieved its objectives on Saturday. The score (France won 2-0) and the level of the match are anecdotal. The important thing is elsewhere: these gamers who share and comment on their games live now organize their own sports competitions between content creators. And capture an audience worthy of the great traditional competitions.

On the eve of the World Cup in Qatar, we believe it: Jean-Bouin stadium, a stone’s throw from the Parc des Princes, sold out (seats sold between 15 and 53 euros), referees (including video referee device), 24 cameras, sponsors on the pitch and on the Twitch platform, as well as a media partner (Canal+). Without forgetting the faces known to football fans, the commentator Alexandre Ruiz (ex beIN Sports) in management and on the pitch Laurent Paganelli (former professional footballer turned interviewer for Canal +). “Paga” thus carried out, as usual, in his unbridled style, his interviews with the players on the bench during the match.

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There was no shortage of nasty gestures either: heavy contact between players, a red card for a Spaniard and Spanish players attacking a linesman, forcing the organizers not to play a last minute that had become too tense. On the lawn are the stars of video games and other platforms who have entered the real world for once: AmineMaTue (1.4 million followers on the Twitch platform), organizer of the event, in the pre-center, and Carlito, YouTuber- star, in central defence. In the ranks of Spain, DjMaRiiO, renowned Youtuber, is also at the rendezvous of this Eleven All Stars.

As a bonus, a rap mini-concert, with big French names, Niska and Gazo, among others, serves as the curtain riser. A strong signal sent to professional football leagues that are struggling to attract these popular performers to a young audience.

This event fits into the trend of large-scale physical competitions between content creators, generating record audiences, far beyond the world of “gaming”, such as the GP Explorer, organized in October. This fifteen-lap car race between 22 “influencer” drivers in Formula 4 cars, launched by Squeezie (17 million subscribers on YouTube), gathered nearly 40,000 spectators in the stands of the Le Mans circuit. There, too, there were more than a million “spectators”.

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