Double infanticide in Belgium: a father kills his 5 and 8 year old daughters

On Wednesday, when he had custody of his daughters for the day, Chris V. choked his two little girls, and announced to their mother on the phone: “It’s too late, they’re dead.”

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Astrid and Chris, a couple in their forties from Oostkamp (near Bruges in Belgium), have been separated for several months. According to the lawyer of the woman of the family, interviewed by Het Nieuwsblad, until the beginning of the week relations were good and the divorce went well, even if the entourage speaks of tense relations. The father, Chris, had his daughters on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but he hoped to see more of them and filed for joint custody. During a legal appointment on Monday, she learns that her mother didn’t want to change the organization of the guards. But according to her lawyer, quoted by, it’s not about the ” vengeance of a scorned man “.

Chris V. was therefore in the company of his daughters Maud, 8, and Ona, 5, on Wednesday, whom he had to take back to their mother around 6pm. Not seeing him arrive he gets worried and tries several times to call him, when he finally answers, he would have uttered this chilling sentence, quoted by Sudinfo: ” It’s too late, they’re dead “. For the Nieuwsblad the uttered sentence would rather be ” It’s too late, you won’t see them again “.

When the police go to her house, they find the bodies of the two girls in bed. The father fled, he was arrested a few hours later after a car accident. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, the crash may have been a suicide attempt.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the man would have suffocated his daughters before putting them in their respective beds. Arrested and placed in custody, he was heard and confessed to the facts.

The mother and family are in a ” indescribable pain In the words of Astrid’s lawyer, quoted by HNL.

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