do you have to wait until 2023 to get better help?

The ecological bonus will soon be raised to 7,000 euros, for half of the families. Unless surprising, taxable income will be the criterion taken into consideration.

At the Paris Motor Show, Emmanuel Macron announced good news for EV buyers. The ecological bonus will be increased again. The Head of State has indicated that the aid will rise to 7,000 euros, while it is currently 6,000 euros.

However, there is an important clarification: the President of the Republic had indicated that this bonus of 7,000 euros will be granted according to an income criterion, for the poorest half of families. For now, that’s all that’s official. Furthermore, the government has not since then backtracked on this announcement in order to complete it. The ‘problem’ with the bonus is that it is fixed by decree, and the decree is usually issued at the last minute. The 2023 rules could therefore not be fixed precisely before the end of December!

However, we can guess who will benefit from the €7,000 bonus, thanks in particular to an interview with Elisabeth Borne at Les Echos. The Prime Minister has outlined the guidelines for another aid, on fuel, which will replace the discounts for everyone at the pump on January 1, 2023. Aid in preparation ” families in the top five income deciles will benefit, i.e. half of the families”.

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We then find the notion of half of households with the top five income deciles. This corresponds to the reference tax income per unit of up to €14,100. We should therefore have this criterion for awarding the ecological bonus of 7,000 euros. Families in this category who are considering buying an electric car can therefore wait a while before ordering. One thing will not change: a maximum vehicle price for the maximum bonus (it is currently 47,000 euros).

However, please note that the bonus applies to vehicle billing and given delivery times at the moment, models ordered in 2022 will very often be delivered in 2023.

For those who shouldn’t be taking advantage of the boosted bonus, there’s no need to wait. And you might even have to order quickly, because the bonus might decrease for the richer half. In fact, it was planned in 2023 to increase the bonus from €6,000 to €5,000. This decline could be maintained for wealthier households.

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