Deal concluded: “But why did they bother this gentleman?”, “Poor grandpa”, “Shame”, “Stop taking us for idiots”: Internet users are moved by a grandfather who failed in the show

Deal concluded – Internet users are moved by a grandfather who failed in the Capture screen France 2 direct / Deal closed program

This Wednesday, 5 October 2022, Jean, a grandfather of Poissy, was denied access to the auction room in Affaire concluded on France 2. A sequence badly received by twittos, who regretted that the man of a certain age has moved for nothing. An unfortunate question from Sophie Davant then fueled their anger.

What concludes Case’s success is in part the ability of the issue to arouse the curiosity of very different profiles. The salespeople themselves are like the spectators: of various styles and ages. Sophie Davant and her team of auctioneers are delighted to see students, active and retired. This Wednesday, October 5, 2022, the second afternoon show began with a representative of the third category. At 82, Jean is a book lover and an artist who likes to paint Parisian scenes. This man who “hates doing nothing” decided to come to the set to offer an object from which he probably hoped to get a good sum: two stickers of the famous characters of Tintin, Dupond and Dupont. These “two delinquents who never stop doing stupid things” as Jean describes them, the latter had them as a gift in 1987. “I had put them in the bathroom, I moved several times and therefore they are in their own juice and I believe they have not suffered too much, not a finger is missing, not a foot … “.

However, one oddity did not escape the eyes of Harold Hessel and Sophie Davant: these figurines of Dupond and Dupont had no eyes. No hidden incidents to deplore, however, it would be a manufacturing defect according to the auctioneer, who launched into his explanations. Taken from the comic book Tintin in the land of black gold, these characters were, according to him, produced in resin, and therefore without eyes, in 50 copies, before two other versions saw the light. A very limited edition that could therefore have done the seller’s business on paper.

“Why did he go on the show? It’s shameful”

But that’s not counting the bad news Harold Hessel would bring him. The latter then pointed out that the statuettes unfortunately did not report any indications. “Normally we should have a mark on the base or on one of the sculptures and so it’s annoying …”, he began, before detailing the problem. All products derived from the Tintin world, in fact, are managed by the Belgian legal company Moulinsart. All objects that come out with his approval must therefore bear the publisher’s mark. This was not the case with Jean’s stickers. “There is no brand here, so legally we can’t sell them,” announced Harold Hessel, very annoyed about his grandfather.

On Twitter, albeit fair on the part of the auctioneer, the sentence was judged difficult for this salesman of a certain age. “Why did you bring him in to get him to leave empty-handed?” Internet users protested. Many had compassion for him, especially since Sophie Davant did not hesitate to stick the knife into the wound. “Otherwise we could have estimated how much? Let’s be cruel to the end …” she launched herself in front of a very uncomfortable Harold. “It is still information for our viewers”, she then justified herself, forcing the auctioneer to respond. According to her estimates, this same object which would include a certificate could sell for around 2000 euros. A hard blow for Jean, who, good God, still returned in a good mood to Poissy.

Video. Discover the portrait of Sophie Davant

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