Dead Space’s scariest Callisto Protocol? An AI that will push the limits of horror!

Game news Dead Space’s scariest Callisto Protocol? An AI that will push the limits of horror!

Will the Callisto Protocol also give us time to blink? If we are to believe the words of the game designers, we will have to show extreme composure so as not to be impressed by the game’s AI. Dead Space really has something to worry about!

Horror according to Callisto’s protocol

The latest trailers dedicated to the dreaded Callisto Protocol haven’t lied – survival looks extremely creepy, and Dead Space is best watched! In terms of atmosphere, the Striking Distance studio does not hide its desire to push the limits of horror to make The Callisto Protocol one of the most disturbing experiences in games.

The VG247 team also had the opportunity to speak with Mark James, technical director of The Callisto Protocol, during a long interview full of information. The latter explains that 14 years have passed since the release of Dead Space and that the technology has evolved considerably. In other words, the means that allow developers to push the limits of horror no longer have anything to do with those of the era and Mark James says his team created one of the scariest games ever made with The Callisto Protocol Nowadays !

A sadistic and disturbing AI

To illustrate his point, the Technical Director of the Callisto Protocol provides several concrete examples of scenarios. Beyond the routines usually used to scare the musician, particularly through the sound environment, the Striking Distance studio worked mainly on develop the behavior of artificial intelligence as much as possible to design an AI that is frankly sadistic promised to us !

Dead Space's scariest Callisto Protocol?  An AI that will push the limits of horror!

Concretely, this AI will not only be able to adapt to our behavior (for example by anticipating our actions if we tend to react often in the same way) but also to surprise us by not always going directly to the conflict. . Because the enemies of the Callisto Protocol are designed above all to scare us, our death takes a back seat to the pleasure of seeing us panicked over their behavior absolutely unpredictable …

Our AI will sometimes make the decision not to attack you. Instead he’ll jump into a vent in front of you, making sure you see her, so now you know there’s an enemy and they’re just waiting for the next time they can come out of another vent and attack you. You might go back into a hallway and see an abandoned vent on the floor … and then a hole in the ceiling. You have the unpleasant feeling that there was something, but you don’t know what. Or where it is now. This is an open door to the tropes of horror, right? I didn’t open this door … who opened this door? It makes you wonder if you’re not alone. It’s a very simple change in the environment that makes the player wonder what’s going on and it’s very powerful. – Mark James (Callisto Protocol Technical Director) at VG247

In summary, the creators of The Callisto Protocol clearly focus on the intuitive reactions of players who are naturally confused when an enemy does not behave as intended, such as running away instead of engaging in combat. And if AI is likely to prove so tough in the game, it is also because the scenario allows it by opposing enemies capable of mutating to become even more fearsome … The software will not rightly allow us to make mistakes since then. some monsters will prove even more resilient by regrowing their limbs even after being dismembered if we have the misfortune to miss our shots. We haven’t finished shaking in front of our screen!

Dead Space's scariest Callisto Protocol?  An AI that will push the limits of horror!

The Callisto Protocol game will be released on December 2nd on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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