Dead Island 2: Showcase and bloody red carpet for Deep Silver’s action game

Game news Dead Island 2: Showcase and bloody red carpet for Deep Silver’s action game

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios will soon host a live announcement announcing what awaits you in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 has been pushed back many timesbut we should finally see him out on our machines next April. To know more, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios meet us during a showcase.

Announced 2014, for release 2023

The Dead Island Twitter account posted a publication inviting you to join them for a live broadcast on December 6th. This is where you can finally learn more about Dead Island 2. In particular, we should finally see gameplay in action, to find out, eight years after the announcement of the title repeatedly postponed, if the wait was worth it! As a reminder, the title had been announced at E3 2014 for release in 2015but its chaotic development caused Deep Silver to repeatedly postpone its release date… Until Gamescom 2022, last summer, where the release was finally confirmed on February 3, 2023. But again, it was announced a few days ago that the game would be postponed to April 28, 2023as its development has reached the final stage.

Dead Island 2: Showcase and bloody red carpet for Deep Silver's action game

See you on December 6 at 21:00 for a showcase on Dead Island 2

Little is known about the contents of the showcase broadcast on 6 December from 21:00. with us. However, we have two pieces of information: we’ll see brand new gamebut also live footage. In the description of the live YouTube page, we can already read:

Do you want some blood? Want some action? You want to play? We know that’s what you want. December 6th at 21:00 Watch the Dead Island 2 Showcase for an exclusive gameplay reveal, presented through an exciting live “pulp” movie.

Los Angeles is in ruins. A deadly virus is spreading and the city is in quarantine. With the army now gone, follow three fearless survivors as they seek refuge from the plague and hordes of zombies.

As they wander the local video game and film producer’s seemingly abandoned mansion in the Hollywood Hills, they soon discover that there is no safe place in HELL-A.

The Showcase will also offer an exclusive first look at the game and its features.

So what do you think ? See you at HELL-A?

A series always in excess

Dead Island 2: Showcase and bloody red carpet for Deep Silver's action game

As a reminder, Dead Island 2 takes you back to Californiaa state that has become a prohibited area because infested with infected zombies. In his extravagant universe in which irony and sarcasm go hand in hand with blood and survivalyou will find many weapons. Ranged weapons like melee weaponsthe game announces a large, diverse and often unusual arsenal. Dead Island is a series known for being consistently beyond the acceptable, consistently overkill and exaggerated. Let’s hope this episode doesn’t disappoint, after a even excess development time ! Better that than an unfinished or disappointing game, or worse, that never comes out! to play it, see you in a few months

Dead Island 2 is now slated for April 28, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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