Cristiano Ronaldo goalscorer in five World Cups, a record acclaimed by the world press

Author of the first of Portugal’s 3 goals from the spot (3-2) against Ghana on Thursday at their debut in this World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to score in five different World Cups. An enterprise that has not failed to go around the planet. Thanks to the honour, Portuguese sports dailies celebrate the event properly this Friday. In a subtle pun, Oh Yoke title with an eloquent “Fifth sight love” accompanied by a photo of CR7 kissing the ball before kicking the penalty. more sober, In Bubble speaks of a “historic CR7″, emphasizing that it is the ” first player ever to score in five World Cups “, the Lisbon newspaper focuses above all on the short-lived success of Portugal:” Let’s breathe deeply! “, he insists.

In Spain, where Cristiano Ronaldo evolved from 2009 to 2018 under the colors of Real Madrid, we don’t necessarily do originality: Sports diary And brand divided into one “CR7 writes history”. “ A dubious penalty allows him to enter history a little more”adds Marca, based in Madrid.

In Italy, where CR7 played 4 seasons (at Juventus from 2018 to 2022), Ronaldo’s performance did not go unnoticed either. The Sports Gazettethe first sports newspaper of the peninsula, dares to “call it CR… 5” and comments: “While waiting to find a new team, the man with the most games and goals in the world’s selection has become the first player to score in five different World Cups”. The newspaper insists on the generous side of the fine imposed on him: “As soon as he felt Salisu’s touch, Ronaldo fell like he was made of cardboard! »

the Sports Courier with his takes on Neapolitan accents “Ronaldo is better and Pel?, paraphrasing the famous chorus of Napoli fans, “Maradona is better than Pel?. All this to underline that CR7 has surpassed the legendary Brazilian player, goalscorer, like Uwe Seeler, Miroslav Klose and Lionel Messi, in four World Cups.

In England the prowess of the forward who has just terminated his contract with Manchester United had a more discreet echo, even if the Guardian explains on the front page that “Ronaldo makes history by scoring from the penalty spot”. Your most mocking taste from the Times: “Between breaths and sighs, Ronaldo scores and reaches his historic goal” That of an announced record.

In Belgium they mark the difficulties of the Portuguese Latest sportsand this insists on the driving role of captain CR7: “Ronaldo, a record and a revolt”, headlines the only sports newspaper in the country, which adds that “if his performance is perfectible, the sixfold Ballon d’Or has triggered the belated awakening of his family”, pointing out that Portugal only opened the scoring after the hour mark, but our Belgian neighbors went a little too fast: Cristiano has “only” five Ballon d’Ors so far!

Across the Atlantic, the Argentines of Ole enjoy an image showing Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal in front of a banner with the image of… Lionel Messi: “CR7’s joy with Messi as a spectator” , comments Olé to salute the Portuguese record. The Brazilians of O Globo also remember this “Ronaldo breaks Pelé’s record and becomes the first player to score in five World Cups.”

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