Criminal Anna Sorokin’s subway photo shoot

Anna Sorokin immortalized on the streets of New York. (October 11, 2022.) Abaca

Released on bail on 5 October, the woman who for years pretended to be a rich German heiress lent herself to an unprecedented photo shoot on the metro, the images of which were published on Tuesday 22 November by Cutting.

She created a stir by appearing ultra stylish on the streets of New York, an electronic ankle bracelet, on October 11th. Anna Sorokin, accused of defrauding her wealthy friends after years of posing as Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress, had been released on bail six days before her. She had been incarcerated from 2019 to October 2022.

on video, Invent Annathe teaser

Once released from state prison, she entered a detention center in March 2021. Since her probation, Anna Sorokin has been part of a new photo shoot, this time in the subway, whose photos by Daniel Arnold have been published by Cutting Tuesday 22 November.

Escalator and subway train

We see Anna Sorokin, dressed in a long black belted dress and Manolo Blahnik décolleté with 10 cm heel, pose sitting on the hood of a car, her electronic bracelet visible; or with a ponytail, standing on the steps of an escalator. But she, too, adorned with impressive golden earrings, standing in a subway bar or consulting her cell phone on the train.

A photo shoot of which she would have had the idea herself, not being able to go to a dedicated studio due to her parole. The criminal, who currently rents a small apartment in the East Village for $4,000 (3,800 euros) a month, can only leave the house on Mondays every four weeks to go to court appointments. . It was during one of these trips that the shooting occurred. Anna Sorokin still doesn’t know how long she will have to wear her electronic bracelet. She is awaiting a court decision on her appeal, which requires the conditions of her release to be reviewed.

“I Feel the Pressure”

A situation that does not prevent the young woman from lightly evoking her fresh complexion, which she says has been preserved from prison. The one whose journey inspired the Netflix series Invent Anna he also underlines that he cares little for the eyes of others. “I feel completely scrutinized,” she says in the article. I feel the pressure. But I just try to be myself, because I know people will criticize me no matter what.” Anna Sorokin now wants to move forward. So much so that she has hired an agent and a lawyer and is working on a multitude of projects, including a podcast , a book about her life and… a legal internship, a field she’s recently taken a passion for.

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